Big Lamp Corner Weston Super Mare

An Innovative and Creative Opportunity for a Design Team Initiative

Commission Fund £280,000.

Weston Super Mare offers an innovative and creative opportunity for design professionals to work together to design and implement an original and exciting urban scale commission to address the aesthetic, spatial, and social environment of Big Lamp Corner. BLC is one of WSM's main Civic Pride projects and is a key 'hub' location in the town.

It is expected that this significant commission will address interactive information technology and lighting as part of the overall approach.

WSM is especially interested in artist led teams applying for this project. WSM anticipate that individual designers and artists put their own team together in a multi disciplinary approach to make this application.

Budget: c£280K for fees and implementation
Brief from Mark Luck, Project Co-ordinator Urban Design North Somerset Council
Deadline for submissions: 25th April 2005