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COSBY, Richard - Babel 2004 - aerial view

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Artist: COSBY, Richard
TitleOfWork: Babel 2004 - aerial view
DateOfWork: 2004
Dimensions: 3.2 m high x 80cm in diameter
Medium: Cor-Ten Steel
Location: Birmingham - Birmingham Great Park, Rubery
Country: UK - England
Photographer: Richard Cosby
ImageCopyright: Richard Cosby
Commission: Commissioned by H.B.G Constuction and
Aedas Architects Ltd to create a piece of public sculpture at a new business
park development in Rubery, Birmingham.

Extract from artist's proposal:

"The tower like shape draws its references from the Tower of Babel, a
biblical construction thatís sole purpose was to bridge the gap between
heaven and earth. The symbolism of this act has I believe parallels in
modern society where in all aspects of life and employment we are encouraged
to strive for personal ascendancy. The text used is based upon the
definition of Fine Art, it reads

Art created primarily as an aesthetic expression,
to be contemplated or enjoyed for its own sake,
not to be used as an instrument
for some other activity

I chose this text as I feel it sums up what all art should be about. Rather
than produce a piece that is steeped in controversy or relies on shock to
gain a reaction. I would much rather construct a sculpture that will be seen
as visually pleasing and will cause social interactivity within a previously
unremarkable space."

[our thanks to the artist for submitting information and photographs of this piece]


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