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George Alexander: City War Memorial, Barker's Pool *** updated July 2012
Claire Appleby: 'Horse', Graves Park
A.P. Armitage:
untitled sculpture, University of Sheffield
Brian Asquith: 'Elements-Fire-Steel', Sheffield Hallam University
Brian Asquith: work in the Peace Gardens
Steve Baylock : 'Phoenix', car showroom, Sheffield Road
Andrew Bell : Decorative arches at entrances to Broomsprings Housing Estate
Andrew Bell: Heron Gateway, Blackburn Meadows
Andrew Bell: work for Chapel Walk
John Bell: Monument to James Montgomery, Cathedral Precinct
Robin Bell: 'Teeming', Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Bently and Phyffers: 'St Cecilia', Westbourne Road
Vega Bermejo: 'Cat and Bird', Balm Green
Vega Bermejo: Wooden benches, Graves Park
Vega Bermejo: 'Pigeons', Cornish Street
Vega Bermejo: 'Marble Players', Meadowhall Retail Park
Vega Bermejo: 'Mad Hatter' and 'Queen of Hearts', Queens Road Retail Park
Vega Bermejo: 'Heron & Fish', Victoria Quays
Jirí Beránek: 'Útocisté'(Shelter), Graves Park
Emma Biggs: 'Mosaic Rill', Howard Street
Ric Bingham:
'Vultures', Eyre Lane
C. & M. Blakeman: 'Conversion of St Paul', All Saints RC School
Judith Bluck: 'Crucible', Moorfoot
Judith Bluck: Ceramic mural, Moorfoot
Chris Boulton: Winged lions, Castle Square
Vic Brailsford: Fence, Glen Howe Park
Vic Brailsford: 'Tree', Roe Wood
Vic Brailsford: Picnic tables & stools, Roe Woods
Vic Brailsford: 'Stone Shrubs', Glen Howe Park
Vic Brailsford: 'Citadels & Coronets', Glen Howe Park
Vic Brailsford: 'The Ali Babas', High Street
Vic Brailsford: 'Cutlery', traffic island on Penistone Road
Gillian Brent: two benches, Norfolk Park
Gillian Brent: 'Triffids and Tendrils', Norfolk Park
Gillian Brent: ‘Blake Street Nature Arch’, Blake Street Nature Park
Gillian Brent: 'This is Mount Pleasant', London Road
N. N. Burnard: 'Ebenezer Elliot', Weston Park
Mandy Burton and Ross Gilbertson: Entrance Pillars, The Ponderosa
Mandy Burton: 'Living Willow Dome', Heeley Millennium Park
Mandy Burton: 'White Horse of Heeley', Heeley Millennium Park
Chris Campbell: brass plaques in High Street
Chris Campbell:
brass plaques, Safeways, Meadowhead
Chris Campbell: Firth Park Gates, Firth Park
Chris Campbell: Railings and Gateways, Manor Park
Paul Carruthers: Street Lights - Bench - Handrail, Penistone Road
Paul Carruthers: untitled seats/boulders, Shoreham Street
Hilary Cartmel: 'Marathon Gates', Don Valley Stadium
Hilary Cartmel: 'Ecology Gates', Soap House Lane
David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Carozo: Carved/gilded letters on slate, The Ruskin Gallery
Tamasin Cave: Hoardings, The Showroom
Francis Chantrey: 'Hope' and 'Charity', Sheffield Royal Infirmary Buildings
Ian Cooper: 'Vulcan', Graves Park
J.W. Cooper: 'Sheffield factory girl' & 'Sheffield workman', Upperthorpe Library
J.W. Cooper: 'Medical Science' & 'Literature', Highfield Library
Jonathon Cox: 'Fighting Rams', Castle Square
Mary Dengler: Flooring for stair half landings, Atrium, Sheffield Hallam University
Michelle Dickens: 'White Handkerchiefs', Morrison's Supermarket
Mike Disley: Lettering, City Library
Mike Disley: Entrance Relief, Leadmill
Mike Disley: 'Plane Spotters', Trans Pennine Trail
Berlie Doherty: Poem, The Moor
Martin Donlin: sandblasted glass panels, The Ruskin Gallery
Tony Donnelly: 'Leaping into View'
Carol-Ann Duffy and Mike Johnson: 'Hand in Hand' (poem cast in sculpture), Five Weirs Walk
Alfred Drury: 'King Edward VII, Fitzalan Square'
Julie East: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
Thomas Earp: 'Annunciation', St Marie's Cathedral
Thomas Earp: 'atlantes', Bryward House, Commercial Street
Mick Farrell: 'Sheen', Howard Street
Steve Field: 'Pegasus' mural, Brotherton Street
Flockton & Gibbs: 'Jubilee Memorial', Endcliffe Park
Onslow Ford: 'Science and Art', Firth College, Leopold Street/West Street
William Francis: Dore War Memorial, Savage and Vicarage Lanes
George Fullard: 'Running Woman', 'Mother and Child' & 'Angry Woman',
Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street
George Fullard: 'Walking Man, Winter Gardens
Hugh Gamble: 'Monument to Godfrey Sykes', Weston Park
James Gamble: Gate Pillars, Weston Park
Eleanor Gates: 'Leading Strings', Crucible Theatre
Gibbs & Flockton: 'Jubilee Memorial', Endcliffe Park
E.M.Gibbs: Gates, Weston Park
Ross Gilbertson and Mandy Burton: Entrance Pillars, The Ponderosa
Ross Gilbertson: 'Comfy Concrete Sofa', Upperthorpe
Jennie Gill: Screen, Fargate (Made in Metal Heaven Project)
Graves Park sculptures:
Peter Griffiths: 'Peg 1', Sheffield Transport Interchange
Matthew Hadfield: 'Cholera Monument', Monument Gardens
Matthew Hadfield (and W.S.Gillman - stone mason): Duke of Norfolk's coat of arms, Clough Road
Liz Hall:
'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
Maria Hanson: Railings, St Marie's Cathedral (Made in Metal Heaven Project)
Philip Hardwick: 'Chantrey Memorial', Norton
Rolf Harris: Graffiti self-portrait, Brown Street
Ron Haselden: 'Red River', Meadowhall
Paula Haughney: 'The Gift', Crucible Theatre
David Haygarth: 'Multiple Negative', Graves Park
David Haygarth: 'Timber Lens', Graves Park
Tracey Heyes: 'Sun and Moon' & 'Snake in the Grass', The Moor
Tracey Heyes: Blast Lane Subway
Tracey Heyes: Glass mural, Sainsbury's, Archer Road
Tracey Heyes: work in the Peace Gardens
Amber Hiscott: Sandblasted glass, Town Hall Extension
Amber Hiscott:
'The High Window', Sheffield Cathedral
Antonia Hockton: Lettering, The Moor
John Hodge: City Hall Lions, now in Wolverhampton!
Brian Holland: 'The Marriage between the Sun and the Moon', General Cemetery
Richard Hurford: Poem, The Moor
"Hypertribes" the theme for the 1998 Lovebytes Festival (link to another site)
Brian Jackson: 'Shopmobility Mural', Fargate (temporary piece)
Francis Jahn & others: Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment War Memorial, Weston Park
Mike Johnson: Gates, Bow Works, Pomona Street
Mike Johnson: Window grilles, Cambridge Court, Carver Street
Mike Johnson: 'Heeley Sidings', Heeley Retail Park
Mike Johnson: 'Silver Service', Ibis Hotel, Shude Hill
Mike Johnson and Carol-Ann Duffy: 'Hand in Hand' (poem cast in sculpture), Five Weirs Walk
Mike Johnson: 'Bramall Lane Gate', Bramall Lane
Mike Johnson: 'Food and Drink', Bar Centro, Backfields
Mike Johnson: 'Pinnacle Seats', Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre
Mike Johnson: 'Dormer Sculpture', Cemetery Road
Mike Johnson: 'Oak Sculpture', Redmires Way
Mike Johnson: Gates, GB Posters Ltd., Russell Street
Mike Johnson: 'Blade', Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road
Catrin Jones: Stained glass windows, Lyceum Theatre
Jane Kelly & David Patten: 'Hallam Square', Sheffield Hallam University
Jane Kelly & David Patten: 'Linear Park', Sheffield Hallam University
Jane Kelly & David Patten: Atrium Floor, Sheffield Hallam University
David Kemp: 'Heavy Plant', Science Park
Tony Kemplen: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
Simon Kent : 'Fingers', Sharrow Nursery and Infants School
Simon Kent :
'Footprints', Manor Recreation Ground
Celia Kilner: Relief Lettering, Steel City House
Celia Kilner: Lettering, The Moor
David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Carozo: Carved/gilded letters on slate, The Ruskin Gallery
Amanda King: 'Made In Sheffield', The Wicker Arches
Amanda King and Chris Twiss: 'Concourse Gates', Sheffield Hallam University
Amanda King: bollards, Howard Street Entrance, Sheffield Hallam University
Amanda King: Gates, Chippingham Street, Yorkshire Cable
Amanda King: Gates and Railings, Pomona Street, Norwich Union
Chris Knight: Car park grilles, Business and Technology Centre, Sheffield Hallam University
Chris Knight: 'Cutting Edge', Sheaf Street
Jackie Knight : windows, Ecclesfield Library
Henry Lane: Crimea Monument, Botanical Gardens
Lane and Lewis: 'Mercury', High Street
Philip Lindsay-Clark: Stone Reliefs, Commercial Street
Philip Lindsay-Clark: motifs and coat of arms, Royal Institute for the Blind
Craig Longmuir: pedestrian bridge design, Eyre Street
Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival (link to another site)
Giusseppe Lund: window grilles; balustrade and stair railings, The Ruskin Gallery
Mike Lyons: 'Pinnacle' Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre
Bryan MacDonald: untitled work, Weston Park Hospital
Wendy Marshall: 'Poggy Bench', Graves Park
Paul & Sue Mason: Tudor Square artworks
David Mayne: Animals, Heeley City Farm
David Mayne: Bollards, Paternoster Row
David Mayne: working with local children: fence, Crookes Valley Park
David Mayne: 'Timeworks 1', Drakeshouse Lane West
David Mayne: Bear, Botanical Gardens
Jane Mellor: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
William Mitchell: abstract relief, Burgees Street
Keiko Mukaide: 'Cutting Edge', Sheaf Street
G.N. Morewood: Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment War Memorial, Weston Park
Peter Mountain: Welcome sign, Graves Park
David Nash: 'The Eye of the Needle' and 'Sweeping Birches', Five Weirs Walk
I. Ollerenshaw: 'Memorial for Victims of the Sheffield Flood', St Polycarp's Church, Malin Bridge
David Patten & Jane Kelly: Paved area, Sheffield Hallam University
Brett Payne: Railings, Castle Square
Brett Payne: 'Cutting Edge', Sheaf Street
Percy Peacock: 'Tables and Chairs', General Cemetery
Richard Perry: Thomas Boulsover Monument, Tudor Square
Richard Perry: work in the Peace Gardens
F.W.Pomeroy: Virtues, Town Hall, Sheffield.
'Steam' and 'Electricity', Town Hall
Rod Powell: 'The Green Man', Graves Park
William Pye: 'Double Somersault', Sheffield Children's Hospital
Walenty Pytel: 'Drakes Descent', Drakes House Retail Park, nr. Crystal Peaks
Darren Richardson: Bench, Paternoster Row
Ronald Rae: 'Sacred Cow', Victoria Quays
Mario Raggi: 'Vulcan', Town Hall, Sheffield
Walter Ritchie: The Jolly Buffer, Ecclesall Road
Colin Rose: 'Millennium Square Artworks', Millennium Square
Jeni Ross: 'Nightly Revels & New Jollity'
Ruskin Gallery: art/craft works
S1: 'Cutting Edge', Sheaf Street

Sheffield City Council, Landscape & Planning Dept.: Vultures, Eyre Lane
Sheffield City Council, Regeneration Projects Design Section: 'Tong Railings', Howard Street
Sheffield School of Art: Yorks and Lancs War Memorial, Weston Park
Sheffield School of Art: Norton War Memorial, Norton
Andrew Skelton: work in the Peace Gardens
Roy Smith: Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment War Memorial, Weston Park
Alfred Stevens (?): 'Vulcan' and 'Art', Green Lane Works
Judith Stewart: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
Godfrey Sykes: 'Monument to Godfrey Sykes', Weston Park
Godfrey Sykes: Gate Pillars, Weston Park
Adele Taylor: Planters, Fargate (Made in Metal Heaven Project)
Wendy Taylor: Railings, Mappin Street
Wendy Taylor: Sundial, Don Valley Stadium/ Grass Bowl
Jason Thomson: 'Old Man of the Woods', Hinde Common Wood
Jason Thomson: Totem Pole, Foxhill Park
Jason Thomson: Bench, Norfolk Park
Jason Thomson: 'A Feeled Guide to Amphibians' (sic), Endcliffe Park
Jason Thomson: 'The Beasts of Brincliffe', Brincliffe Park
Jason Thomson: Totem pole, Adventure playground, Sitwell Road
Jason Thomson: 'Fish-Knife Salmon' bench, Five Weirs Walk
Jason Thomson: 'Pike and Tyre' bench, Five Weirs Walk
Jason Thomson: 'Leafman' and work with children, Totley Primary School
Jason Thomson working with local children: bench, Crookes Valley Park
Jason Thomson: 'Birley No. 3 Engine', Stone Lane - Transpennine Trail
Jason Thomson: Carved Wooden Bench, Ecclesfield Park
Jason Thomson: 'Parkway Man', Sheffield Parkway
Boris Tietze: 'Vulcan', King Street
Alfred Tory: 'Knowledge', Surrey Street
Alfred Tory: Memorial plaque to John Wesley, Paradise Square
Alfred Tory: 'The Blessed Virgin', Refectory, St Marie's RC Cathedral
Alfred & Frank Tory: 'The Sheffield Trades', The White Building, Fitzalan Square
Alfred & Frank Tory: City Museum reliefs, Weston Park
Frank Tory Snr: ornamental stonework, Parade Chambers, East Parade/High Street
Frank Tory Snr: 'Cairns' statue, 20 High Street
Frank Tory Snr: 'The Creation', Old YMCA Building, Fargate / Norfolk Row
Frank Tory & Sons: Coat of Arms, Fire Station, Divison Street

Town Trust Competition: unrealised, Fargate
Alfred Turner: 'Queen Victoria', Endcliffe Park
Coralie Turpin: 'River Garden', Children's Hospital
Coralie Turpin: 'Reach for the Stars' and work with children, Totley Primary School
Coralie Turpin: 'Put Your Best Foot Forward', Manor Recreation Ground
Chris Twiss and Amanda King: 'Concourse Gates', Sheffield Hallam University
Keith Tyssen: 'Cutting Edge', Sheaf Street
unknown artist: 'Peter Pan', Botanical Gardens
unknown: Commemorative mosaic, GPO sorting office, Abbeydale Road South
unknown: Waterfall Mural, Holland Road
unknown: Salmon Pastures Schools memorial, Five Weirs Walk
unknown: three carved stone reliefs, Totley Primary School
unknown: kangaroo trademark, Wellington Street
unknown: 'Memorial to David Daniel Davis', Paradise Square
unknown: carved heads on Wharncliffe House, Queen's Street
unknown: coat of arms, 20 Queen's Street
unknown: head with turban, North Church Street
unknown: Memorial Arch, Norfolk Park
unknown: Angel blowing a trumpet, Totley Brook Road
unknown: Thomas Boulsover memorial, Wire Mill Dam
dog trademark, Bailey Street
unknown: 'Monument to Thomas Wiley', Almshouses, Abbeydale Road South
unknown: Howard Gallery relief, Chapel Walk
unknown: 'Memorial to Annie Hall', Norton
unknown: 'Bull', St Luke's Church, Lodgemoo
unknown: 'Commemoration Boulder', Endcliffe Park
unknown: Jeffcock Memorial Water Trough and Drinking Fountain, Handsworth Road
unknown: Jeffcock Memorial Fountain, Ecclesfield Park
unknown: abstract relief, Loxley Centre, Myers Grove Lane
unknown: Belgium Refugees Memorial, City Road Cemetery
unknown: Gleadless, Hollinsend and Intake War Memorial, Hollinsend Road, Gleadless
unknown: concrete relief, Brookhouse Junior School, Beighton
utk: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough
Mark Veevers: Planters, Fargate (Made in Metal Heaven Project)
Andrew Vickers : 'Face the Future', Millennium Gardens, Oughtibridge
Paul Waplington: 'Steelworker', Castle Street
John Dodsley Webster: Boer War Memorial, Weston Park
Julie Westerman:
'Birds Observed', British Rail Midland Station
Johnny White: 'Spider's Web', Saville Street
Johnny White and Amanda Wray: 'Pigasus', Heeley City Farm
Johnny White and Amanda Wray: 'Dragonfly & Damselfly', Blackburn Meadows Nature Reserve
Johnny White and Amanda Wray: 'Fishboy on a Skateboard', Granville Square

Johnny White: Car Mural, Attercliffe Road

Laura White: 'Trilogy', Sheffield Hallam University
Robin Widdowson: Gate, Upperthorpe Peace Garden
Robin Widdowson: Noticeboard and Feature, Walkley Millennium Green
Paul Wood: 'Genesis Mural', Upper Hanover Street
Neil Woodall: 'The Sheffield Mural', Prince of Wales Road
Neil Woodall: 'Grinders Hill', off Paternoster Row
Neil Woodall: 'Eyechart', Waingate
Neil Woodall: Panels above arches, Exchange Street, off Haymarket
Amanda Wray: 'The Snainx', Sharrow Nursery and Infants School
Amanda Wray: Mosaic feet, Manor Recreation Ground
Amanda Wray and Johnny White: 'Pigasus', Heeley City Farm
Amanda Wray and Johnny White: 'Dragonfly & Damselfly', Blackburn Meadows Nature Reserve
Amanda Wray and Johnny White: 'Fishboy on a Skateboard', Granville Square

David Wynne: 'Horse and Rider', Fountain Precinct (Barker's Pool)
Pete Yarwood: Stone benches, Fargate
Pete Yarwood: 'Wheatsheaves', High Street
Benjamin Zephaniah: 3 poems, window grilles of student accommodation, Rockingham Street

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