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Urban - city centre regeneration: Doncaster

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Artist: FALLAIS, Lesley and Brian JACKSON
TitleOfWork: Time Line
DateOfWork: 2000
Dimensions: Individual tiles: 20 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm
Medium: carved and fired brick paving tiles
Location: Doncaster, Yorkshire
Country: UK - England
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Sheffield Hallam University
AccessionNumber: d017c
FileSize: 480910
View: View of tile depicting the end of Roman Occupation of Doncaster

Location: On both sides of the pavement of High Street; from Mansion House Square towards Silver Street. The timeline undulates down each side of the street.

Description: Two undulating lines of tiles set either side of the road in the pavements of High Street. One timeline depicts world history, one Doncaster's history. Individual tiles: 20 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm.

Commission: Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Comment: Phase 4 of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council 'Quality Streets Project'
There was little collaboration between this piece and the Waymarkers by Victoria Brailsford and David Mayne

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