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Artist: The Environment Partnership (TEP) & Wigan Council’s Planning and Regeneration Department
TitleOfWork: 'Gateway to Wigan'
DateOfWork: 2004
Medium: painted metal
Location: Wigan; Marus Bridge Roundabout
Country: UK - England
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Dave Ball
AccessionNumber: 06-0659
FileSize: 325709
Landmark public art installation on prominent roundabout on the road from the M6 into Wigan. DescriptionofArtwork
The roundabout contains screens celebrating Wigan's sporting activities in rugby and football, wildlife and nature, industrial heritage and the arts with Northern Soul nights at the Wigan Casino and the borough’s annual Jazz Festival

Pupils at nearby Marus Bridge Primary School and Hawkley Hall High were involved in the design for the screens.

Screen celebrating Northern Soul nights at the Wigan Casino and Wigan’s annual Jazz Festival

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