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Memorials: Miners' Memorial, Conisbrough
Artist: Graham IBBESON

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Artist: name withheld
TitleOfWork: Charm Bracelet
DateOfWork: 2001
Dimensions: 240 cms in diameter
Medium: mild steel (set in concrete)
Location: Thursncoe, S. Yorkshire
Country: UK - England
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Sheffield Hallam University
AccessionNumber: b076va
FileSize: 512345
Location: Embedded in the hillside below and to the south side of the compass viewpoint, Phoenix Park.

Description: A vastly oversized ornament from a charm bracelet consisting of an external ring from which would have hung a number of objects; a miner's pick, whose handle has been split to show five medals with the names and opening dates of local pits; a safety lamp inside which sits a canary; a domestic flatiron; a horse shoe with another canary sitting on it; a shovel; a miner's snap-tin; the sole of a boot; and a pen knife

Dimensions: 240 cms in diameter. (If sited as planned it would have been 240 cms high x 240 cms wide and 40 cms deep)

Commission: Project overseen by Groundworks; project manager Laura McBride.

Comment: The artist planned that this piece should be sited upright and viewed from both sides; however safety considerations and other factors overrode these plans. Instead it was half sunk in concrete so that only one side was visible and that was to be viewed horizontally. In the circumstances the artist decided to withhold their name from this piece as it has been altered against their wishes and from the original design.
It has had a fair amount of graffiti as had one of the stone waymarkers near the top of the hill at this point in the Park. Surprisingly the rest of the work in the Park has remained almost unscathed, although the climbing boulder erected near the entrance is covered in graffiti.
Hickleton Main Colliery which was on this site between 1892 and 1988, was one of the largest collieries in the UK. In the 1930's it employed over 4,000 men and was producing over a million tonnes of coal each year.

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