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Armitage, A.P
untitled sculpture, 1963
originally on Western Bank
stainless steel

[whereabouts unknown]

Not known. Originally University of Sheffield, Western Bank, S10. (A-Z p98 2C)

Sculptural form in stainless steel, 18 feet high, consists of stainless steel sheets cut to abstract forms and rolled into tubes which have been welded and screwed to four rods.

The winning design for a sculptural competition in which first year students from Sheffield University Department of Architecture were invited to use stainless steel for a work which would signify the venue of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) 1963 conference. The scheme was initiated by James Christie of the Bryta Works in Sheffield and Firth Vickers Stainless Steel Ltd donated the stainless sheet used in the construction.

It originally stood at the front of University House on Western Bank, where the RIBA had its annual conference in 1963, but was later moved to a position outside the Firth Court building. Its current whereabouts is not known, even by the University authorities.

Sources: The Architects' Journal, 10 July 1963, p.51.
Letter dated 7.08.2001, from Mrs Anthea Stephenson, Heritage Officer, The University of Sheffield.

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