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'Phoenix', 2003
Sheffield Road
stainless steel

In front of car showroom, Sheffield Road, near Weedon Street (A-Z p.89 2E)

Large phoenix welded to a 28 tonne anvil.

Commissioned by owners of JCT car showroom. This location was once the heart of the city's steel making industry.

Artist made the sculpture in his studio in Harrogate. The Phoenix is a well used local symbol for steel production in the area, chosen for its representation of something being born from fire. The Phoenix Works was once situated nearby and the name of the company magazine at the adjacent Templebrough Works (now the Magna Centre) was 'The Phoenix Gazette'. Another Phoenix sculpture is sited nearby on the roundabout at the junction of Bessemer Way and Sheffield Road and a painted mural also showing the birth of a Phoenix is to be found on the adjacent retaining wall of Bessemer Way.

References: The Star, Tuesday 17 June 2003

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