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John Bell
Monument to James Montgomery, 1860
Cathedral Precinct
bronze on stone plinth

Cathedral Precinct, originally erected in the General Cemetry in 1860. (A-Z p5 2E)

Bronze statue of James Montgomery, 'The Christian Poet', cast by the Coalbrookdale Iron Company. The monument carries a conventional inscription, recalling Montgomery's associations with the religious life of Sheffield in the early nineteenth century, also verses written by Montgomery.

Public Subscription, the money raised through Sheffield Sunday Schools.

People in Sheffield still remember singing his hymns when they attended Sunday School. When these photographs were taken the photographer was approached by a passerby who spoke highly of Montgomery's work, and also stated that this memorial was important and relevant to her.

About the artist:
John Bell (1811-1895) was the sculptor of the Guards Crimean Monument in Waterloo Place, London, which was also erected in 1860.

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