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Vega Bermejo
duck/fish & dog/butterfly benches, 1989
no longer in existance
Graves Park

One placed by the path between the two ponds in Graves Park, the other on a small hill near the path leading to the church on Norton Lane at a spot with views over fields containing rare breeds of cattle. (A-Z p111 6E)

Both benches are ornamented with images of animals and plants in low relief. One at the duck pond shows a duck chasing a fish, and water lilies floating on the seat. The hillside bench shows a dog fascinated by a butterfly and fallen leaves on the seat.
Update [Feb 2001]: The duck/fish bench has been removed altogether - it was rotting badly in 1998 on a previous visit. The dog/butterfly bench has decomposed to two small fragments; virtually no traces of carving remain.

Sheffield Contemporary Arts Trust and Sheffield Recreation Department.

Artist says the benches were partially made in the studio, partially on site. To make benches rather than something else for the park was her decision. She had never made benches before.

Update [February 2001]:
Both benches have now rotted away. The Duck/Fish bench has completely vanished and a few fragments of The Dog/Butterfly bench are still visible.

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