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Vic Brailsford
fence, 1992
Glen Howe Park

Glen Howe Park, by a path near the edge of a steep incline, the fence following the contour of the slope. (A-Z p72 north of 1A)

The fence posts are carved, but the railing, 100 ft. long, is made from naturally found shapes. There is considerable imaginative play with the shaping of the posts.

Sheffield Recreation Department. The artist lives in the tower at Glen Howe Park under an arrangement by which she donates an agreed amount of artwork per annum in return for rent-free accomodation. In this way the Council do not lose their rights to the Tower, but ensure that the building is inhabited and hence both maintained and vandal-free.

The fence protects walkers on a footpath from a steep embankment to a stream. The present fence was designed to replace one that had fallen down and was thus a necessary project.

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