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Stephen Broadbent
'Memorial to HMS Sheffield', 2000
Sheffield Cathedral

Interior of Sheffield Cathedral (A-Z p.5 2E)

An anchor with a sculpted head above its axis, set against a form which stands for the bow of a ship.

Money raised by surviving crew members and sailors. The opening ceremony was performed by HRH Prince Andrew, himself a veteran of the Falklands Campaign, during which the last ship to bear this name was attacked and destroyed. Crew members from all three ships to bear this name were present at the ceremony on April 17th 2000.

Originally conceived as a much larger piece to be installed in the Cathedral Precinct. Unfortunately for the project, the 14 year fund-raising campaign was unable to raise sufficient funds, and so a much smaller piece was eventually cast and located inside the Cathedral.

References: The Star - 18th April 2000.

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