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Campbell, Chris
(with contributions from Gillian Brent and Andrew Vickers)
Railings and Gateways, 2004
Manor Fields Park
mild steel; carved stone

At the gateways and along the boundary of Manor Fields Park, Manor Park Crescent. (A-Z p100 4B)

Park boundary railings and entrance gateways in mild steel. A related signboard is sited at one of the two gateways. The railings run along the top of an undulating natural stone wall into which the supports are sunk. Incorporated into the wall are some small carved stones, and a number of similarly scaled pieces of steel are set into the railings.
The form of the railings and gateways suggests organic growth. [1] Small inserts bearing laser-cut images of insects such as a spider, aphid, wasp, dragonfly and ladybird are set amongst the intertwining plant-like branches. Small carvings of faces and animals are incorporated into the wall.

Commissioned by Sheffield City Council. The fence was drawn to model to fabricate in the workshop, but the gateways were designed on site. Health and Safety issues required some alterations to be made to the final product. The insect inserts were produced by Gillian Brent who was commissioned by Sheffield City Council to work with local young people. From their drawings and sculptures, the laser-cut steel images were derived. The stone carvings were made by other local young people under the supervision of Andrew Vickers, hired by Sheffield Futures.
Manor Fields Park is a joint venture between Manor and Castle Development Trust, Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Wildlife Trust.

The undulating wall is similar to one at the Fairleigh end of the Park and high enough to prevent vehicles from using the park yet low enough to allow views of the landscape.

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