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Paul Carruthers
Street Lights - Bench - Handrail, 1996
Outside the Globe Works, Penistone Road
stainless steel, bronze - stainless steel, stone - stainless steel, bronze

Outside the Globe Works, Penistone Road. (A-Z p.86 6D)
Vic Brailsford's 'Cutlery' and Vega Bermejo's 'Pigeons' (stolen in 2002) are very close to this piece.

Flame shaped metal flickers around the lights which are placed on top of a wall at a pedestrian crossing of the main Penistone Road. The handrail runs up the side of a ramp from the road outside the Globe Works up to the pedestrian crossing. The bench and two further lights appear in a sheltered niche on the road below facing the entrance to the Globe Works. The bench is made of a stone slab supported by steel flames in a similar motif to those of the light fittings.

Sheffield City Council. European Regional Development Funded & Department of Transport.

When lit the lights illuminate the metal flames in a particularly effective way. They are noticed more than most of the other public work in Sheffield. The handrail has been removed.

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