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Hilary Cartmel
'Ecology Gateway', 1997
Soap House Lane
painted cut and welded metal

Soap House Lane , Woodhouse S13. Woodhouse Washlands ( Yorkshire Wildlife Trust), entrance from Kingfisher Heights estate. (A-Z p103 6D)

Gateway incorporating disabled keyhole access. Takes as its theme the flora and fauna of the wetlands area.

Sheffield Wildlife Action Partnership, partly funded by the company who built the housing estate adjacent to site as % for art. British Steel's Steel Shop donated £500 worth of steel and McLean Homes Northern England Ltd. and Yorkshire and Humberside Arts contributed nearly £7,000 for the work.

The artist worked with 70 children from the local area who helped to draw designs. The children made plaster models and drawings of mini-beasts found on the reserve, they then learned how to bend steel and to fit together the shapes. Keith Barraclough, the designer of a key hole disabled access gate, allowed his design to be incorporated into the new entrance free of charge.

Sources: Axis website: Artist's CV.
The Star 6/11/97

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