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Jonathon Cox
'Fighting Rams', 1995
Castle Square

Castle Square. (A-Z p5 2F)

The two rams are facing each other separated by a tiny space. Many of the surfaces of the stone have been left uncarved, the rear of one of the rams still shows shot-hole marks.
The sculputre is located in front of railings by the Sheffield jeweller, Brett Payne.

One of the pieces made during the Stone City Symposium, (19th June and 16th July 1995). Funding for the creation of Castle Square, which replaced the 'Hole-in-the-Road'designed in the 1960's, came from a variety of sources.

A popular piece with children who can often be seen climbing onto it. The artist was brought up on a working farm on the North Downs. His father was still working with sheep there when this piece was made.

Artistís Statement:
(from the publicity leaflet for Stone City) "Carved in two blocks of stone the animals charge against each other expressing a feeling of strength and movement. One ram leans into the other and on impact causes an arch in its opponentís back"

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