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Mick Farrell
'Sheen', 1995
Howard Street
gritstone/stainless steel

At the top of Howard Street, one axis points towards the entrance of Sheffield Hallam University. (A-Z p5 4F)

Geometric piece. One side has square holes cut into the stone and lined with steel; the other has a contrasting stainless steel grid.

One of the pieces made during the Stone City Symposium, (19th June and 16th July 1995). Financial and other support was given by the Sports and Arts Foundation, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council and Yorkshire Artspace Society. Materials were provided by Realstone.
This sculpture was commissioned by Sheffield Hallam University. It was to have been opened by Marti Caine, Sheffield born comedienne, who died two weeks before the opening; it was decided to dedicate the sculpture to her instead.

The stainless steel was intended to reflect the changing weather, the piece was therefore not to be static. It also reflects passing traffic which flicker across the inset steel squares on the Arundel Way side of the sculpture.
In the four years since it was installed the stone corners of the piece have suffered a lot of damage. It has been extensively repaired with glued, machine-cut, replacement stone segments. The stone is also part covered in green biological growth as it was originally sited under a small tree, it would benefit from cleaning. One or two of the steel pieces have also worked loose and have been reglued. The sculpture is being maintained by the University.

Artistís Statement:
(from the publicity leaflet for Stone City) "Using stainless steel and stone I hope to set up a contradiction within the nature of both materials. This architectural piece would act both as a landmark and a point to view from."

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