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Onslow Ford
‘Science and Art’, 1876-99
Firth College, Leopold Street and West Street
(Listed Building: Grade II)

There are plans to redevelop this building, the future of this work is uncertain

Firth College, entrance facing the junction of Leopold Street and West Street, S1. (A-Z p4 3D)

Two triangular reliefs either side of a curved door. The right hand relief shows two cherubs talking to each other on an early version of a telephone on either side of the naked figure of Science. The figure of Art, holding a chisel and mallet, has a cherub at her feet holding a palette and brushes and another at her left shoulder holding a diminutive mallet and chisel. Between the latter and Art is a head in relief of an unidentified bearded man.

Presumably Sheffield City Council’s Education Department. The architects were by E.R Robson of London and T.J Flockton of Sheffield.

The telephone is a reference to the Telephone Exchange (now Steel City House) opposite.

About the artist:
F. Onslow Ford (1852-1901) was also the sculptor for the monument to Sir Rowland Hill, now in King Edward Street, London, outside the main General Post office.

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