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George Fullard
'Running Woman', 'Mother and Child' & 'Angry Woman', sited 1985
Forecourt of the Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street
bronze (from plaster casts)

Placed in the forecourt of the Upper Chapel (by kind permission of the Upper Chapel, Norfolk Street). The courtyard was renovated in 2000. (A-Z p. 5 3E)

The women are represented in various states of motion and emotion.

The original pieces, made in plaster, were bought by Sheffield City Council Arts Department in 1983 and cast into bronze in 1985. Casting was carried out at the Morris-Singer Foundry.

Though placed as natural occupants of the forecourt, the figures do not really seem comfortable or wholly compatible placed together, but individually they are marvellous examples of Fullard's style.
‘Mother & Child’ , made in plaster in 1956, was first shown in an exhibition entitled ‘Looking at People’ at the South London Art Gallery in 1957. ‘Running Woman’, (plaster - 1957) was shown at the first John Moores Liverpool Exhibition in 1957-1958. ‘Angry Woman’, (plaster - 1958) was shown at the South London Art Gallery in 1960.
George Fullard (1923-1973) trained at Sheffield Art College, which is now part of Sheffield Hallam University.

Further Information on Fullard is available from the Psalter Lane Campus Library's Special Collections web page. A major exhibition on the work of George Fullard was shown in Sheffield in Summer 1998. For further details please contact Richard Swift, the Campus Manager.

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