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Peter Griffiths
‘Peg 1’, 1998
The Archway Centre, Sheffield Transport Interchange
White adhesive vinyl cut by computer controlled vinyl cutter and applied to windows

The Archway Centre, Sheffield Transport Interchange, Pond Hill, Sheffield, S1 2BD (A-Z p.5 3F)

White adhesive vinyl cut by computer controlled vinyl cutter and applied to windows. Dimensions: 31 metres x 3 metres, weight: 25 kilos.

Huff Puff Club. Funded by The National Lottery through Arts for Everyone Express.
Brief for commission: "Lens based/photographic artist who has previous experience of working with large public sites. To create a temporary work for the glass front of a leisure centre, 80' high and 150' wide."
Date of installation of piece: 18 - 21 October 1998
Date of Official Opening: Thursday 22 October

Preliminary designs and discussions were with Ponds Forge Leisure Centre. In July 1998 site was changed to Sheffield Transport Interchange. The work is scheduled to be located for one year although it might be removed earlier if it becomes damaged. Being cut out of vinyl it is vulnerable to damage.

Artist's Statement: (on display onsite)
"A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from a reaction to the situation. With the bus station the work revolved around the idea of movement and change; the work changes as you travel past which reflects both your movement through the building and the journey that you are undertaking as a user of the centre. There is also change which is often seen as a result of travel.
"The work uses the scale of the building and the curve of the windows. The whole work is only visible from the distance while when close to it, only sections are visible. I was interested in working with light and felt that the different lighting conditions from rain to sun, night to day, would be something that the work should try to make use of.
"My work develops through ideas and images which reflect my experiences and feelings. These are expressed through the materials I use and feed greatly on past work. I have worked in the past as a painter and use this experience in work I now produce using computers. I use the qualities of a process or material to create images that explore qualities of line, balance or unbalance and colour. I aim to work with the eloquence of the story teller to tell the tale.
"The freedom of scale when working with the computer becomes an important part of the work; the virtualness of the screen, the world of television. The work can then manifests its self through the means of production to a size that fits the location and the audience. Yet the same work could become manifest in another situation, scale and time. Such is the irony of this virtual production tool.
"I am interested in the qualities of the modern material cut by computer devices and the juxtaposition of it to its surroundings."

[Information received by e-mail from the artist: 6/1/1999]

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