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Tracy Heyes
'Sun and Moon' and 'Snake in the Grass', 1994
(destroyed in 1997)

The Moor
glazed ceramic

Children's play area, middle of The Moor. (A-Z p4 6D)

Four roughly square ceramic panels of descriptive tile shapes depict subjects of children's drawings. The panels decorate the outer sides of brick planters already sited at either end of the play area.

Sheffield City Council, the play area provided by the Council with help from the government's urban programme in 1993.

The images are derived from drawings by children at Springfield Junior and Infant School, the snake more literally than the sun and moon, which are common subjects. Primary colours are used in tiles to suggest children's colours and to refer to the existing colour scheme seen in the play area's protective rail, The high relief of the tiles would probably be very appealing to children, but the image of the snake is difficult to recognise.

Update (1997):
When The Moor was refurbished in 1997 this work was removed. Unfortunately the tiles could not be moved intact and so this piece was destroyed.

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