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Amber Hiscott
windows, 1990
Town Hall Extension
sandblasted glass

Removed before the building was demolished

Windows along the front entrance facade of the Town Hall extension. (A-Z p. 5 4E)

[Update] After the demolition of the Town Hall Extension in 2001-2002, these windows were put into storage. It is not clear what the long term plans are for their re-installation in Sheffield.

A frieze was made from a sequence of individual scenes and images of Sheffield, arranged in sets of upper level glass panes according to themes. They are listed on a plaque on either side of the windows: natural resources, the people, regeneration, sport/culture/youth. Identification is helpful; sport/culture/youth, for example, depicts a gymnast, a man puddling clay, a saxophonist, rock-climber, athlete, and Ruskin's peacock feather. Pablo Picasso visited Sheffield in 1950 for the 2nd World Peace Congress. While in Butler’s Dining Rooms, alas no more in existance, he drew the dove on a napkin. This image also appears on one of the windows.

Sheffield City Council

Artist says that because the building is used by a lot of people, she did not want the work to be abstract. It was meant to be readable. Many of the images are derived from photographs. Some are her own. It was expected that some kind of uniform background would be installed to make the images more visible, although Town Hall staff discussed this with the artist and she was assured that this would be done, the work has not yet been carried out.

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