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Brian Holland
‘The Marriage Between the Sun and the Moon’, 1992
General Cemetery, S11
ceramic pieces (stoneware and earthenware) set in concrete with stainless steel reinforcement

General Cemetery, off Cemetery Road, S11 (AZ p.98 4/5C)

Relief figures of a man and a woman are set into the ground. The two figures are reaching a hand towards each other. His chest contains the sun and that of the woman shows the moon. The figures are approximately 5 foot 8 inches by 5 foot.

In 1992 Sheffield Contemporary Arts Trust organised an exhibition of work in the General Cemetery called ‘In Memoriam’. The exhibiton was supported by the Friends of the General Cemetery and some funding made available from the Dept. of Land and Planning, Sheffield City Council if one of the pieces was permanently installed. This piece was made to fulfil that requirement.

A number of pieces were damaged by vandals during the show, the male figure being circumcised. There has recently (2001) been some frost damage to the same figure and both are beginning to deteriorate.

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