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Francis Jahn/ Sheffield Technical School of Art students
Memorial to the dead of the First & Second World Wars,
Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment, 1923
Weston Park
stone, bronze

Weston Park (A-Z p. 98 2B)

Figure of Victory mounted on a stone stepped-base, with two attendant bronze figures of soldiers and two piles of army uniforms in stone. Bronze soldiers were made by G.N.Morewood and Roy Smith, students at Sheffield Technical School of Art. The figure on top was designed by Francis Jahn, Lecturer at the School. All the figures were modelled by fellow students. Founders were E.J. Parlanti of London. The Memorial itself was designed by Roy Smith. An inscription commemorating those who died in the Second World War was added later.

York & Lancaster Memorial Committee, to commemorate the 8,814 of the regiment who died in World War One. Money raised by public subscription, through press appeals and collecting boxes in schools and shops. 12,000 was raised. The School of Art was approached by the Committee to design the monument, it also bid for the War Memorial in Barker's Pool, being awarded 3rd place in the competition.

It is hard to imagine the equivalent sum of money being raised today in this way, yet many of the earlier pieces in Sheffield were financed by public subscription.

(from research by Kim Scofield, History of Art Student at Sheffield Hallam University, for his dissertation in 1986)

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