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Mike Johnson
'Dormer Sculpture', 2000
Cemetery Road
steel sculpture on brick plinth

Outside Green's Health and Fitness centre, facing Cemetery Road on the site of the former Dormer drill factory. (A-Z p.98 4D)

A rectangular panel of 4 cm thick mild steel which is cut to show drilled holes, patterns for drill bits and also contains sections of cast drill bits in relief.
The sculpture is broadly rectangular with a triangulated top edge.
It stands 250cms high by 359cms wide, on a brick plinth.

Green's Health and Fitness centre

The site was previously occupied by Sheffield Twist Drill and Steel Company which became SKF and Dormer Tools (Sheffield) Ltd. In 1975 and then Dormer Tools in the early 1990's. In the late 90s the company moved to Holbrook leaving the site to new development.
Commissioned by Green's Health and Fitness Club under the guidelines of Sheffield's percent for art policy. It was sugggested that a piece of sculpture be made to mark the site's former history. The artist was recommended by the Public Art Officer.
While the sculpture was installed in 2000, Green's opened to the public in February 2001 There was no formal unveiling ceremony.

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