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Mike Johnson
'Oak Sculpture', 2003
Redmires Way
stainless steel and bronze

On a 'village green' in a new housing development off Redmires Way, off Redmires Road (A-Z p5 4F)

A large and leafy oak branch in stainless steel. The branch's many leaves provide different reflective surfaces for the changing light; its acorns lend a duller accent. The grooved, circular stainless steel base is low, setting the sculpture close to the ground.

The sculpture was commissioned by David Wilson Homes, developer of the extensive property. The sculpture reflects the original and to some extent still visible character of the area; it is landscape based. The artist was given an open brief.

Formerly the site of the Lodge Moor Isolation Hospital, its location at the edge of city development and its high elevation ensured the necessary fresh air for patients. Johnson also designed railings for a children's playground on the same site.

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