Public Art Research Archive, Sheffield Hallam University

Jane Kelly & David Patten
‘Hallam Square’, 1993-4
Hallam Square, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University
(the square has since been re-designed)
mixed materials, including paving

At the Howard Street entrance to the City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University, over looked by Arundel Way. (A-Z p5 4F)

A complex shaped area, with stone curved seating and an area with designed paving. It acts both as an entrance to the University and also as a thoroughfare to people travelling between the bus and railway stations and the City centre via the adjacent Arundel Way underpass.

Sheffield Hallam University.

It is difficult to make sense of the design at ground level, it is possibly appreciated best from the upper stories of the overlooking university buildings. The area is due for extending and altering as part of the Millennium bid for ‘Remaking the Heart of City’. The lead artist for the new project is Laura White.

There has been a radical re-design of the square, but the full redevelopment of Howard Street and Arundel Way in this area has not yet taken place.
(2005) Further redevelopment is still underway. Major artwork and redesign of the area between here and the Railway Station is imminent.

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