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Simon Kent
'Footprints', 2000
Manor Recreation Ground, S9
wood and stone

Manor Recreation Ground, alongside a cycle path (the Trans Pennine Trail). This is located next to the Parkway near the Prince of Wales Road exit. (A-Z p.101 3/4E)

This work comprises of two elements; a series of carved stone tiles set closely together in cement at ground level, and a series of carved, upright wooden planks with adjacent posts. Both elements feature footprint motifs carved clearly and in a simple style in to the surface. The footprints are both animal and human. The wooden planks stand in the shape of a boot.

National Cycle Network. Working with children from neighboroughing St John's (Park) and Wybourn Community Primary Schools. 1

Although there is a little graffiti on the piece it has not been damaged. Two other neighboroughing pieces were installed at the same time by artists Amanda Wray and Coralie Turpin, both also working with local schoolchildren.

1 Article in The Star - July 20th 2000

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