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Amanda King
bollards, 1993
Howard Street entrance to City Campus
rolled steel, painted red

Removed in 1995 - whereabouts unknown

Howard Street entrance to City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University. (A-Z p5 4F)

Painted red wrappings of steel around a hollow core. Interior lighting for each was planned but never installed. The bollards were removed in 1995 when the area was redeveloped.
[Update 2005] The bollards have not reappeared despite plans in 1995 to re-use them at a different location within the University. Their current whereabouts is uncertain.

Sheffield Hallam University

Artist says a solution to the problem of bollards was found once she thought of them as small pieces of sculpture, not street furniture. Part of the brief was to provide a space within the bollards for possible lighting and to prevent them from being used to chain bicycles. At present the bollards have been removed and are in store awaiting further use.

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