Public Art Research Archive, Sheffield Hallam University

Amanda King/Chris Twiss
‘Concourse gates’, 1994
Linear Park, Sheffield Hallam University
stainless steel

At the top of Linear Park, between the Eric Mensforth Building and the Sheaf Building. (A-Z p5 5G)

Two large gates attached to brick pillars, a smaller pedestrian gate is to one side and a fence to the other. The gates are three dimensional, having a triangular cross section, wide at the base and curling over in an eyebrow shape at their tops. The gates and fence are pierced by holes in the form of softly zigzagging slashes. These ripples represent the flow of people through the gates, and also make reference to the nearby underground River Sheaf and to the flow of knowledge through the University.

Sheffield Hallam University. Gates constructed by Gascoigne and Beaver.

Some people have commented that the eye-brow shapes on top of the gates are threatening, they see them as spikes and designed to keep intruders out. Others see this feature as something that softens the overall design and that adds interest.

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