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Si Applied Ltd (Chris Knight, Brett Payne and Keith Tyssen) with Keiko Mukaide
'Cutting Edge', 2007
Sheaf Street
stainless steel, glass, lights

Sited along the pedestrian route to the City Centre, between the entrance to the Midland Station and the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Howard Street (A-Z p5 4F)

A sinous stainless steel blade gaining in height as it runs downhill towards the station entrance. The smaller end of the piece is almost circular in cross section and decorated with backlit glass work by Mukaide; the station end is a very thin ellipse also with backlit glass by the same artist. It is also lit along the length of its base. Dimensions: 1m - 4.5m high x c. 90 m long.

Sheffield City Council. Part of the Heart of the City project. This completes nearly ten years of work improving the area following the pedestrian route from the railway station to the Town Hall. This area forms part of a new square outside the station completed in 2007.

The piece acts as a barrier between pedestrians and traffic. The design of this piece reflects the city's centuries of association with metal design.

This piece is the joint winner of the Marsh Award for Public Sculpture 2008

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