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'Steam and Electricity', by 1897
Main Entrance to the Town Hall

Either side of the main entrance to the Town Hall, S1. (A-Z p5 4E)

Right hand side represents Steam. A female figure carrying a telescope? is positioned in front of a steaming funnel and has a globe under her outstretched left arm. Two scrolls bare the names of Watt and Stephenson. Contrasting this, the left hand side of the entrance (facing outwards) represents Electricity. The female figure holds a battery in her left hand, and stands in front of electric wires and a pylon. The scrolls on this side contain the names of Wheatstone, Faraday, Davy, Swan and Edison. This figure also holds a feather quill (pen) in contrast to the sword held by the figure of Steam.

Sheffield Town Council. F.W.Pomeroy was awarded the commission to carry out and supervise the carving for the building.

About the artist:
F.W.Pomeroy (1857-1924) was the sculptor for a number of monuments in London and also the four upstream figures on Vauxhall Bridge (1907)

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