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Godfrey Sykes and Hugh Gamble
'Monument to Godfrey Sykes', erected in 1875
Weston Park
terracotta, bronze, stone

Weston Park, north of the entrance to the Art Gallery. (A-Z p98 2B/C)

A stone base with 4 inset bronze panels, one with a half relief bust of Sykes by Hugh Gamble (1835-1911), one with the tools used by an artist, and two with descriptions detailing Sykes's life and work. One of these regrets the loss of Sykes to the city of Sheffield: " ... He was called to London in 1859 ... and died there in 1866." Above this is a striking, large white terracotta column. This is made of six sections; three are fluted with leaves, the other three are not as high and are filled with figures depicting youth, maturity and age. The column is surmounted with a corinthian capital capped by a bronze vase.
Total height: c. 11m.

Sheffield Town Council

The monument was completed by 1871, but not sited until four years later.

Includes information taken from Civic Art Guide

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