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Jason Thomson
'A Feeled Guide to Amphibians', 1997
wood, lead

Endcliffe Park, between the Café and the Playground level with RustlingsRoad/Ecclesall Road junction. It is located under trees, close to the edge of the large grassed area. (A-Z p.97 5H)

A toad resting on a book, carved from a single piece of wood. The piece is about 1 metre high. The front claws are in fact human hands. The title of the piece is on the cover of the book, which also states that the work was commissioned by the 1997 'Off the Shelf' literary festival. On the spine of the book are the words 'by Jason Thomson'. Behind the toad its left rear leg is emerging from water, while below its right rear leg is a limerick:
"There was an old man in the park
Who stepped on a toad in the dark
He heard it go squelch
And gave a loud belch
As he thought what a wonderful lark"
The poem is 'signed' but this is unreadable, although "KE VII" after the name may indicate that the author is, or was, a pupil at King Edward VII school in Sheffield.

Recreation Department and the 1997 Sheffield 'Off the Shelf' Festival

Although close to a well-used path the piece has remained in good condition.

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