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Jason Thomson
'Birley No. 3 Engine', 1998
Stone Lane - Transpennine Trail
wood - oak

Sited on the 'Transpennine trail' formerly a works railway line. Access from half way along Stone Lane, beyond the Public Car Park on the opposite side of the road.
(A-Z p5 4F)

This work, carved in oak, features the Birley No. 3 Engine of the title, with a mass of steam trailing out behind. Together they form the backrest to a narrow seat. The entire piece is cut from a single trunk and the engine was originally painted black, although much of this painted surface has since weathered away. It is sited on four railway sleepers on a disused works railway line.
75cm high x 166cm long x 63cm deep


Carved in seat of the bench: donated by / The Woodhouse / and Westend Tenants Association, / as part of the Transpennine Trail / 1998 Sited on the / Birley Collieries Line / (1865 - 1953)
Carved on the engine: "BIRLEY No 3"
Signatures: Carved on the front of the bench: by J.Thomson.

Woodhouse and Westend Tenants Association

The sculpture commemorates the works railway that once operated along this route.This was the Birley Collieries Line which was in operation between 1865 and 1953.

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