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Jason Thomson
'The Beasts of Brincliffe', 1999
Brincliffe Park, Sheffield S11

Brincliffe Park, Sheffield S11. The Park is located between Chelsea Road and Brincliffe Edge Road. (A-Z p.110 2A)

The trunk of a tree sawn off just above the beginnings of two major branches. Bravura carving; the main figures being a bat and an owl which are placed back to back, utilising the two diverging branches of the tree stump. Other figures are a dog chasing a ball, a fox peeping out of a hole, and a beetle. A book appears on each side the trunk; details of the commission and title and date of the piece appear on these.

Through Sheffield's 'Off the Shelf' Literary Festival.

A very popular piece. Whenever we have visited the park to look at or photograph the work, all passers by, without exception, have come up to talk about it.

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