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Boris Tietze
'Vulcan', 1962
1 King Street, Sheffield S1
Glass fibre on a metal armature

High up on the wall of 1 King Street, Sheffield S1. (A-Z p5 2F)

Glass fibre on a metal armature. The materials were chosen to keep the piece "light and stable"[1] as it was to be installed on the outside wall of the building. The 8 ft high figure has a bundle of metal rods in his right hand.

Horne Bros. This building was their head office in Sheffield. Tietze "decided to use the god of steel - Vulcan - as being representative of Sheffield, then a thriving steel town"[1]. Vulcan also appears on Sheffield's Coat of Arms and on a number of other pieces in the city.

'Vulcan' is prominently sited overlooking Castle Square. This was Tiezte's second commission after leaving the Slade School of Fine Art.
More of Boris Tietze's work and a biography can be found on the site he shares with his wife Margaret at

[1] : e-mail from Boris Tietze: 25.2.2000

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