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Tory, Firm of
Museum reliefs, 1937
City Museum, Weston Park

Mural frieze above main entrance to the City Museum, Weston Park. A second frieze is on the Museum wall facing the park. (A-Z p98 2B)

The subject matter was described in the programme for the official opening of the New City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery in April 1937.
It "symbolizes the purpose of the Museum. It depicts the Shrine of Knowledge placed upon four steps carved with animals indicating the order of their appearance in time - Crustaceans, Fishes, Reptiles and Mammals - with Birds in flight around the Altar. Figures approaching from the sides bring gifts from lands beyond the seas. Another frieze on the east side of the Hall illustrates men at work in Sheffield’s heavy industries".

Libraries, Art Galleries and Museums Committee - Sheffield City Council.

A second council commission for the Tory Firm after their 1934 work on the City Library and Graves Art Gallery building.

References: ‘The City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery Extension’ 1937. pub. Sheffield City Council

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