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Alfred & Frank Tory Jnr
‘The Sheffield Trades’, 1908
White Building, Fitzalan Square
faience tiles (cast hollow blocks)

White Building, Fitzalan Square. (A-Z p5 2F)

Relief frieze depicting Sheffield trades. Reading from right to left across the facade the figures as described by J.B.Himsworth (a contemporary of the brothers Tory) are:
"a Silversmith (with a blowpipe): a Chaser: an Engineer: a File Cutter (known locally as a ‘nicker pecker’): a Steel Roller: a Cutler (with parcers on the background): a Grinder (using a flat-stick): a Hand-forger (who flourished before so much machine forging came into use): a Buffer (i.e. of non-ferrous articles and not a cutlery grinder’s buffer): and a steel crucible teemer (with sweat rag in his mouth)."

E.M.Gibbs (of Sheffield Architects: Flockton and Gibbs) who built and owned the building.

The brothers modelled the figures which were sent away to be modelled in white faience.

J.B.Himsworth: typed manuscript on The City of Sheffield Artcrafts Guild, c. 1954. Sheffield Hallam University library.

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