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Alfred Turner
'Queen Victoria', 1905
Endcliffe Park
bronze statues on stone plinth

Endcliffe Park. It was originally sited at the junction of Fargate and Leopold Street, where it replaced the 'Jubilee Memorial', but was moved to Endcliffe Park in 1930. (A-Z p98 5A)

The bronze figure of a crowned Queen Victoria holding an orb and sceptre stands on top of a plinth of limestone blocks. The figure is about 3m high. She is attended by two bronze figures representing Maternity and Labour seated on either side of the main plinth, each about 2m high. 'Maternity' is a young woman holding a baby with her left arm around a young girl . 'Labour' is a young man sitting on an anvil with a sledgehammer propped against his left knee. The base of this bronze is signed: "ALFRED TURNER SC. 1904" - the '4' is somewhat indistinct.

The stone plinth is made of limestone blocks. The front bears the following inscription;

Above the inscription is a small relief (c.1.0 x 0.5 m high) showing 3 standing figures: St George holding a lance and shield, Justice holding a sword and blindfolded and a nude woman with drapes.

The rear of the monument has a second inscription:
BORN MAY 24 1819
REIGNED 1837 - 1901"
Above this is another relief showing St George killing the dragon.

The whole piece is mounted on three granite steps; the bronzes weigh 21/2 tons, the base 50 tons.

Public Subscription. Unveiled by Princess Beatrice of Battenburg on 11th May 1905.

The figure of Queen Victoria is made with some skill. Despite being twice life size it gives the impression of a diminutive woman, which Queen Victoria was. Her face looks down to the spot where one naturally stands to view the monument and thus engages with the spectator.
For some reason this piece is subject to a lot of graffiti. At present Queen Victoria is almost hidden by surrounding foliage. The monument is not well situated, but no solution or alternative siting has been found to date.

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