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unknown artist
Jeffcock Memorial Fountain, 1903
Ecclesfield Park
granite, sandstone

Ecclesfield Park, near playground. (A-Z p5 4F)

This monument, in polished black granite, was formerly a fountain and is comprised of a central column and circular bath. It has carved decorative elements, a section of polished pink granite and three simple inscriptions bearing the names and dates of members of the Jeffcock family. There is an inscription around the edge of the bath. The monument is set on a stepped granite plinth constructed of shaped slabs of unpolished grey granite and is surrounded on three sides by a low stone wall.

Inscription on plaques read: front - JEFFCOCK / MEMORIAL / 1902
right - MARIA / JEFFCOCK / 20 MAY / 1883
left - THOMAS WILLIAM / JEFFCOCK / J.P - D.L / 3 AUGUST / 1900

not known

The Jeffcocks were a large and prominent local family that settled in Handsworth in the 17th century and there are over 60 entries, for members of the family, in the Handsworth Parish Registers between 1636 and 1768. They had moved from Eckington, in nearby Derbyshire, where the earliest record of them dates from 1351. The most notable member of the family was William Jeffcock, who was born in Handsworth in 1800 and, in 1843, became the very first Mayor of Sheffield. He also became an Alderman and remained on the Council for 10 years. In 1846 he was nominated as a Justice of the Peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire.

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