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Andrew Vickers
'Face the Future', 2000
Millennium Gardens, Oughtibridge

Millennium Gardens Oughtibridge, at the corner of North Langsett Road and Church Street. (A-Z p.72 2D)

A large boulder placed upright at the back corner of the gardens. A Green Man face, an owl and a pair of hands in prayer are carved into the front edge. Around the stone is a carved band onto which are the date '2000', a rose, a bridge and elements representing past and present industries relating to the village: millstones, a pair of shears, cutlery, a file and a toilet roll.

'2000' carved into the roadside face of the stone.

Commissioned by the village to celebrate the Millennium. The artist visited the local school and developed some ideas for the design from the children in the school.

TThe touch of humour in the toilet roll (a reference to adjacent paper mills) is tempered by the praying hands; a reference to the Christian faith, the birth of which is the cause of celebration for the gardens. The artist felt that this fact had been ignored by most Millennium celebrants. The Green Man is a private personal theme of the artist's. [1]

[1] Interview with the artist: 9/04/2001

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