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Laura White
'Trilogy', 1995
Sheffield Hallam University

Outside the entrance to the Learning Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Pond Street. (A-Z p5 4F)

Three shapes based on hands and ears, a reference to the learning process. The vertical sides of the three pieces show the pages of a book.

One of the pieces made during the Stone City Symposium, (19th June and 16th July 1995). Financial and other support was given by the Sports and Arts Foundation, Yorkshire and Humberside Arts, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council and Yorkshire Artspace Society. Materials were provided by Realstone. This sculpture was commissioned by Sheffield Hallam University. It was completed by July 1995, but not sited until September 10th 1996, when the building was completed.

Artist’s Statement:
(from the publicity leaflet for Stone City) "My abstract design captures the essence of learning by referring to the image of the ‘book’, which ties in closely with the purpose of the new learning centre and its contents. The texture of layers of paper contrasted with a simple bound structure resembling that of books, forms the basis of my idea."

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