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ArtistMaker: not known
TitleOfWork: Queen Anne's Obelisk
DescriptionOfPhoto: general view
DateOfCreation: 1734
Medium: stone
Location: In a field behind Queen Anne's Lodge, off Rockley Road. (SE433403)
AtoZReference: p.36 1A
Street: Rockley Road
TownOrVillage: Stainborough
MetropolitanBorough: Barnsley
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Sheffield Hallam University
AccessionNumber: b068c
Location: In a field behind Queen Anne's Lodge, off Rockley Road. There is a footpath from Rockley Road that skirts south of the monument, but access is to it is private. The monument is clearly visible from both the path and Rockley Road. (SE333029)

Description: Large inscribed obelisk on a pedestal surrounded by a circle of 14 small octagonal "pegs".

Inscriptions: On the south facing face:
"To the P ...s / GLORIOUS / And immortal memory of / Queen ANNE / .. Obelifk was erected / .. her faithfull Minister / ...s WENTWORTH Earl of STRAFFORD / Viscount WENTWORTH of WENTWORTH / WOODHOUSE, and of STAINBROUGH, / Baron of RABY, NEWMARCH and OVERSLEY, / and Knight of the moft noble of the Garter / 1734"
And continuing on the east face:
"Which Said Earl, / at the death of that most / Excellent PRINCESS / was one of the seven appointed by act / of PARLIAMENT to be REGENTS of the / KINGDOM during the absence of the / SUCCESSOR as fifth Lord of the admiral- / ty of great BRITAIN and IRELAND was / likewise Lieu: General of all her Majesty's / Forces Colonel of the first and Royal Reg / of Dragoons was of the Cabinet and Privy / Councel Ambassador Extraodinary to the / States General and likewise Plenipotentiary / for the Congress and peace of UTRECHT" !!

Commission: This extraordinary piece was erected by Thomas Earl of Strafford. It is immediately obvious that the four lines inscribed on the memorial, detailing its apparent purpose in commemorating Queen Anne, are dwarfed by the succeeding five lines giving the Earl of Strafford's titles in full. Even this is eclipsed by the inscription on the opposing face of the structure which lists in purple prose the achievements of the Earl during his service to the Crown.
Extracts from the estate records reveal the following accounts paid to Joseph Bower and his father for their work on the obelisk:
"1202 feet of ashlar In the obylisk from the top of the cap of the pedistole to the top of the obylisk: at 5s a foot 25 : 0 : 0.
for filling the obylisk with Ruff Stons -- 3:10:0"
"To Wrighting the Obilisk first time -- 0 : 10 : 0"
May 21 1737
"To Blacking His Letters of the Obilisk after being Cutt -- 0 : 5 : 0" [1]

Comment: Subsidence has caused some shifting under the memorial and cracking in the stones of the base of the obelisk

References: [1] Extracts from the Wentworth Castle Estates Records.

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