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ArtistMaker: CARTMEL, Hilary
TitleOfWork: paving inlays
DescriptionOfPhoto: view of bus plaque
DateOfCreation: 1998
Medium: cast iron
Location: In the pavement by Chantry Bridge
AtoZReference: p.78 2D
Street: Bridge Street
TownOrVillage: Rotherham
AreaInTown: Town Centre
MetropolitanBorough: Rotherham
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Sheffield Hallam University
AccessionNumber: r048b
Location: Set into the pavement on a trail between the bus station and the train station.

Description: Paving inlays: 5 different designs and sizes, both rectangular and square, set into the pavement. One shows a railway engine and tender. Another shows a bus.

Inscriptions: Around the edge of the railway engine plaque:
"When the earth hits my shoe. Got the urge to move. I'm a Road runner baby. Got to keep on Keeping on. Live a Life free & easy. Put a toothbrush in my hand and let me to a travelling man. I'm a Road runner baby." (sic). Lyrics after the song: 'I'm A Road Runner' recorded by both Junior Walker and the All-Stars and Fleetwood Mac.
and on the engine itself: " GJJ95HC98HDH " and on the tender: " 8858955 "

On the bus plaque:
The words " She's got a ticket to ride and she don't care. " and " She was a daytripper. One way ticket. Yeh! ", from two songs by Lennon/McCartney, appear around the sides of the plaque as well as the legend: " Meadowhall 80p single "
and on the bus itself : " Rotherham " is shown as its destination and " JCHJC98LM " is written on its side.

Commission: South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. The work appears to have been carried out with the involvement of schoolchildren.

Comment: "There was originally a plan to install a covered walkway connecting the railway station with the bus station. This proved impossible, as it would have affected the setting of the medieval bridge. The plaques were installed to mark the route from the railway station to the bus station." [1]

References: [1] e-mail from Andrew Munford, Principal Officer, Archives & Local Studies, Rotherham. January 22nd 2003

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