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Mandy Burton
'Living Willow Dome', 1998
Heeley Millennium Park, Sheffield
living willow, tiles and misc material

Heeley Millennium Park. Behind St Ann's School, access from carpark to the Community Centre on View Road, opposite Heeley City Farm.(A-Z p.99 6E)

Living willow is being trained and woven to replace a woven dome of cut willow, which stands about 1.5 metres high. The walls of the dome are have eight arches, allowing a view of the interior floor which has a mosaic of tiles laid on it, surrounded by a bed of pebble. Hanging in the roof of the dome, and woven into it, are the various planets of our solar system, made from a variety of recycled materials.

"Paving The Way" Project, with funding from the Single Regeneration Budget. Supported by BT in the Community, the European Development Fund and Destination Sheffield.

Officially opened by Lord and Lady Mayoress of Sheffield on 14th July 1998. Other pieces opened the same day were made by Johnny White and Amanda Wray, Gillian Brent and Ross Gilbertson

The piece was badly vandalised a year later and all the planets broken or removed. The structure was reinforced with a metal framework and has since flourished with annual maintenance

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