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ArtistMaker: MAGNUS, Ailsa and Hamish MARR
TitleOfWork: Positive Steps Maze
DescriptionOfPhoto: detail: shows centre of maze and two footprints
DateOfCreation: 2001
Dimensions: The central plaque is 51 cms square, the feet are lifesize
Medium: cast metal and stone setts
Location: Phoenix Park. (SE 446405)
AtoZReference: p.29 1G
Street: Phoenix Lane
TownOrVillage: Thurnscoe
AreaInTown: Thurnscoe East
MetropolitanBorough: Barnsley
Photographer: Dave Ball
ImageCopyright: Sheffield Hallam University
AccessionNumber: b076viib
Location: The former is found next to the Children's Area, the latter is on top of a prominent viewpoint at the eastern highpoint of the Park.

Description: Positive Steps Maze:
This is set into a circular area of stone paving. The maze itself is square, paved with pale yellow and red brick, and with a cast metal plaque at its centre. Ten pairs of life-size cast metal feet are sited around the maze. The metal plaque at its centre is a word puzzle made from the letters: POSITIVE STEPS.
Compass Point:
This circular object is laid into an area paved with stone setts (granite??) on a viewing platform landscaped out of the hillside on the eastern edge of the Park. Large sandstone blocks arranged above the downward slope form a rim to the viewpoint. The compass consists of metal and brick tiles set into concrete. The central point is an identical word puzzle to that of the Positive Steps Maze, which it overlooks. Eight triangular compass points in cast metal are arranged around the centre. The edge of the compass is marked by 36 rectangular bricks; each depicting a different activity or scene from the village, and each designed by a different local individual.

Dimensions: Positive Steps Maze: concrete, brick and cast metal ??
345 cms square. (The central plaque is 51 cms square; the feet are life-size)
Compass Point: concrete, brick and cast metal ??
150 cms in diameter (The central plaque is 51 cms square; the 8 compass points triangular 20 x 20 x 20 cms; the 36 ceramic/brick plaques are 20 cms high x 10 cms wide, all have the words: POSITIVE / STEPS on them)

Commission: Project overseen by Groundworks; project manager Laura McBride.

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