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Ruskin Gallery, 1988
Norfolk Street, Sheffield

The Ruskin Gallery has moved to the Millennium Galleries

After the Ruskin Gallery re-located in April 2001 some of the work was resited in the Millennium Galleries. See each individual piece for details.

Carved/gilded letters on slate by David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Carozo; window grilles; balustrade and stair railings by Giusseppe Lund; and sandblasted glass panels (interior and exterior) by Martin Donlin.

Guisseppe Lundís window grilles were grant-aided by the Crafts Council.

The fact that craftspeople were directly involved with the construction, decoration and display of the collection at the Ruskin, was felt to be compatible with John Ruskinís stress on the importance of craftsmanship.
As part of Sheffield's 'Heart of the City' Millennium regeneration project the Ruskin Gallery will move and be rehoused within the new Millennium Gallery which is presently being built between the Novotel and The Surrey pub in the city centre. This will be occupied by the V. & A. but also includes space for the Ruskin Collection.
This Collection is made up of paintings, watercolours and drawings, minerals, plaster casts and architectural details, illuminated manuscripts and books. These were collected, and in some cases commissioned, by John Ruskin, the Victorian artist and critic, and given by him to the people of Sheffield in 1875. It is now held in trust by the Guild of St George.

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