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The following works are thought to be at risk. Visit them, if possible, while you can. Further details may be given on individual pages below. If you feel strongly about any of these pieces then please contact the owners, and also Sheffield City Council where appropriate.

Mandy Burton: 'Living Willow Dome', Heeley Millennium Park [ needs considerable pruning and training of new growth]
Ian Cooper:
'Vulcan', Graves Park [ nearing end of natural life ]
Onslow Ford: 'Science and Art', Firth College, Leopold Street/West Street [ buildings under redevelopment plans]
Ron Haselden: 'Red River', Meadowhall [ removed - not replaced ]
Paula Haughney:
'The Gift', Crucible Theatre [ removed - not yet replaced ]
Amanda King: bollards, Howard Street Entrance, Sheffield Hallam University [ removed - not replaced ]


The following works are also at risk.

Martin Donlin: sandblasted glass panels, The Ruskin Gallery [ removed - one only reinstalled ]
Jennie Gill: Screen, Fargate (Made in Metal Heaven Project) [ removed - not yet replaced ]
Amber Hiscott: Sandblasted glass, Town Hall Extension [ removed - not yet replaced ]
Amanda King: 'Made In Sheffield', The Wicker Arches [ removed - not yet replaced ]
Giusseppe Lund: window grilles; balustrade and stair railings, The Ruskin Gallery [ removed - grilles reinstalled in the Winter Gardens ]
Alfred Stevens (?): 'Vulcan' and 'Art', Green Lane Works [ buildings under redevelopment plans ]
Adele Taylor: Planters, Fargate (Made in Metal Heaven Project) [ removed - not yet replaced ]
Neil Woodall: 'Eyechart', Waingate [ needs re-painting ]
Neil Woodall: 'Grinders Hill', off Paternoster Row [ one panel removed during redevelopment - not replaced ]


The following works have now disappeared from the streets of Sheffield. Many have either been stolen or destroyed. Other works were made in wood and have reached the end of their natural life span. For details see the individual pages.

Vega Bermejo: Wooden benches, Graves Park [ end of natural life ]
Vega Bermejo: 'Pigeons', Cornish Street
Jirí Beránek: 'Útocisté'(Shelter), Graves Park
[ end of natural life ]
Vic Brailsford: Fence, Glen Howe Park [ end of natural life ]
Vic Brailsford: 'Tree', Roe Wood [ end of natural life ]
Vic Brailsford: Picnic tables & stools, Roe Woods
[ end of natural life ]
Vic Brailsford: 'Citadels & Coronets', Glen Howe Park
[ end of natural life ]
Steve Field: 'Pegasus' mural, Brotherton Street [ destroyed ]
E.M.Gibbs: Gates, Weston Park [ STOLEN ]
David Haygarth: 'Timber Lens', Graves Park [ end of natural life ]
Tracey Heyes: 'Sun and Moon' & 'Snake in the Grass', The Moor [ destroyed during redevelopment ]
Tracey Heyes: Blast Lane Subway [ destroyed during redevelopment ]
Jane Kelly & David Patten: 'Hallam Square', Sheffield Hallam University [ destroyed during redevelopment ]
Craig Longmuir: pedestrian bridge design, Eyre Street [ destroyed during redevelopment ]
Paul & Sue Mason: Tudor Square artworks [ destroyed ]
David Mayne:
Animals, Heeley City Farm [ destroyed ]
Wendy Marshall:
'Poggy Bench', Graves Park [ end of natural life ]
Peter Mountain: Welcome sign, Graves Park [ end of natural life ]
David Nash: 'Sweeping Birches', Five Weirs Walk [ destroyed - not maintained adequately ]
Percy Peacock: 'Tables and Chairs', General Cemetery [ now completely hidden by foliage! ]
Rod Powell: 'The Green Man', Graves Park [ end of natural life ]
Walter Ritchie: The Jolly Buffer, Ecclesall Road [ disappeared during redevelopment ]
Jason Thomson:
Bench, Norfolk Park
unknown artist: Waterfall Mural, Asline Road [ destroyed ]
Julie Westerman: 'Birds Observed', British Rail Midland Station [ destroyed during redevelopment ]
Johnny White and Amanda Wray: 'Fishboy on a Skateboard', Granville Square

Also included are a number of works that were designed to have a temporary existance:

Tamasin Cave: Hoardings, The Showroom [ temporary work ]
Michelle Dickens: 'White Handkerchiefs', Morrison's Supermarket [ temporary work ]
Tony Donnelly: 'Leaping into View' [ temporary work ]
Brian Jackson: 'Shopmobility Mural', Fargate [ temporary work ]
utk: 'Route 31'. Bus route: city centre - Hillsborough [ temporary work ]


A small number of pieces have been restored and it would be churlish not to include them on this page.
The restoration of the Cholera Monument, in particular, has been expensive but spectacular

Matthew Hadfield : 'Cholera Monument', Monument Gardens
unknown artist: 'Peter Pan', Botanical Gardens

If you become aware of a piece of work that has fallen under threat or that has suddenly gone missing please contact us immediately,
either by telephone at 0114 225 2606 or by e-mail:

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