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The table below contains all the pieces that we are at present researching, arranged by postal code. Some of this work already appears in detail on our web site; other pieces in the list are linked to a photograph. If using information taken from this site, please respect the copyright in the various elements of this work and acknowledge all quotations.

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Public Monuments and Sculpture in Sheffield

Title / description
Siting Date
Post Code
Martin, Kenneth Pack of Cards : (we'd like a photo of this piece please) *** 1972 Arundel Way (no longer in situ) S1 steel ??
Johnson, Mike 'Food and Drink' 1998 Backfields; Bar Centro, S1 bronze
not known dog trademark not known Bailey Lane S1 stone
Alexander, G. City War Memorial 1925 Barker's Pool S1 bronze (with steel flagpole)
Bermejo, Vega 'Cat and Bird' 1988 Barkers Pool; Balm Green S1 stone
Westerman, Julie 'Birds Observed' 1992 BR Midland Station (at present removed during major refurbishment) S1 concrete fondu with graphite
Campbell, Chris Railings 2001-2 Brewery, along riverside (not installed yet) S1
not known Memorial to James Montgomery 19th C Broad Lane S1 cast-iron with stone base
Wiersma, Herb Snake (no longer installed) 1995 Brown Street; Site Gallery S1 illuminated box
Harris, Rolf Self-portrait 1991 c. Brown Street; wall of Independent Film Studios S1 paint
Mitchell, William relief 1972 Burgess Street; Building opp. Cole Bros. S1 concrete
Johnson, Mike window grilles 1993 Cambridge Court S1 steel, stainless

not known

coronet (trademark) 1900 Carver Street, Alpha Works S1 stone
Carruthers, Paul gates 1999 Carver Street, Methodist Chapel S1 steel
Cox, Jonathan 'Fighting Rams' 1995 Castle Square S1 stone, gritstone
Boulton, Chris (restored and cast by) griffins 1995 Castle Square S1 bronze (cast from stone originals, once on Crimea Monument)
Payne, Brett railings 1995 Castle Square S1 steel, stainless
not known three heads *** not known Castle Street S1 stone
Waplington, Paul 'Steelworker' 1986 Castle Street S1 brick
Hiscott, Amber High Windows 1998? Cathedral S1 stained glass
not known gargoyle of The Dean c. 2000 Cathedral S1 stone ?
Broadbent, Stephen Memorial to HMS Sheffield c. 2000 Cathedral S1 bronze
Bell, John Montgomery Monument 1860 Cathedral precinct S1 bronze, granite plinth
Bell, Andy signs and arches 1996 Chapel Walk S1 paint and metal
Tory, Frank Cairns Statue 1896 20 Church St S1 stone
Tory, Alfred Knowledge 1934 City Library S1 stone
Earp, Thomas two atlantes *** building dated 1874 Commercial Street; Old Gas Company S1 stone
Haughney, Paula 'The Gift' (removed at present) 1995 Crucible Theatre S1 stone, Portland limestone
Schottlander, Bernard untitled (temporary piece - installed for 6 months only) 1972 Crucible Theatre S1 steel painted red
Tory, Frank & Sons Sheffield Coat of Arms 1929 Division St; Old Fire Station S1 stone
Bingham, Rick 'Vultures' 1980 Eyre Lane S1 brick
Yarwood, Peter benches 1993 Fargate S1 stone, Ancaster limestone/Birchover gritstone
Gill, Jenni screen 1998 Fargate S1 steel, stainless
Veevers, Mark planters 1997 Fargate S1 steel, stainless
Houshiary, Shirazeh untitled not built Fargate S1 stainless steel and gold leaf
Taylor, Adele planters (removed during refurbishment - not yet replaced) 1997 Fargate S1 steel, stainless and copper
not known eagle, books, spectacles 1897 14 Fargate (BT Telecomm) S1 sandstone
not known Green Man 1904 37 Fargate (Thomas Cook) S1 sandstone
not known animal heads [see photo] *** 1882 38-40 Fargate (W.H.Smith) S1 sandstone
Tory, Frank 'The Creation' 1890 Fargate and Norfolk Row; old YMCA building S1 sandstone
Ford, Onslow 'Science and Art' not known Firth College, Leopold Street S1 stone
Drury, Alfred 'King Edward VII' 1913 Fitzalan Square S1 bronze
Tory, Alfred and Frank 'The Sheffield Trades' 1908 Fitzalan Square; White Building S1 ceramic faience - cast hollow blocks
Wynne, David 'Horse & Rider' 1978 Fountain Precinct S1 steel, stainless
Lindsay-Clark, Philip reliefs - untitled 1938 Gas Showroom (now Jessops), Commercial St S1 stone
Widdowson, Robin George Street Archway. planned for 2001/2 George Street (not yet installed) S1
Wray, Amanda and White, Johnny Fishboy on a Skateboard 1998 Granville Square S1 resin and stainless steel
Woodall, Neil 'Grinders Hill' 1994 Grinders Hill S1 steel, stainless. sandblasted and inked
Tory, Frank Snr stone decoration on the building 1883 - 85 High Street, Parade Chambers S1 stone
Brailsford, Vic 'The Ali Babas' 1995 High Street S1 stone, sandstone
Campbell, Chris plaques 1995 High Street S1 brass
Yarwood, Pete 'Wheatsheaves' 1995 High Street S1 stone, sandstone
not known heads 1897 2 High Street (Barclays) S1 stone
Lane & Lewis 'Mercury' 1856 High Street (Bradford & Bingley) S1 bronze
not known Howard Gallery relief 1890's Chapel Walk; Howard Gallery S1 stone
Farrell, Mick 'Sheen' 1995 Howard Street S1 stone, gritstone/stainless steel
Johnson, Mike artwork to bridge 2001 Victoria Hotel S1 cast and cut metal
Praeger, Rosamond Maternity [see photo] *** 1945 Jessops Hospital S1 stone
Tietze, Boris 'Vulcan' 1960's 1 King Street S1 fibreglass
Disley, Mike relief 1989 Leadmill S1 stone
Wall, Wendy Mercury 1990 Lyceum S1 fibreglass
Jones, Catrin windows 1990 Lyceum Theatre S1 glass, stained/etched
Ross, Jeni 'Nightly Revels & New Jollity' 1991 Lyceum Theatre S1 tapestry
Lindsay-Clark, Philip motifs either side of door *** 1938 Mappin Street; Royal Institute for the Blind S1 stone
Mukaide, Keiko screen (not yet visible from outside) 2001 Millennium Galleries S1 glass
White, Johnny Barking up the Right Tree 2001 Millennium Gallery S1 recycled cutlery on metal frame
Hockton, Antonia and Richard Hurford carving of poem 1997 Moor S1 10 stone paving flags
Kilner, Celia and Berlie Doherty carving of poem 1997 Moor S1 2 semicircular paving stones
Heyes, Tracey 'Snake in the Grass' and 'Sun & Moon' (now removed and destroyed) 1994 Moor S1 ceramic, glazed
Bluck, Judith 'Crucible' 1979 Moorfoot S1 plastic, bronze-coloured
Bluck, Judith mural 1985 Moorfoot S1 brick / terracotta tiles
not known head with turban *** not known North Church Street; inside doorway S1 stone
Earp, Thomas 'Annunciation' not known Norfolk Row S1 stone
Fullard, George 'Angry Woman' 1958 Norfolk Street; Upper Chapel S1 bronze (cast in 1985)
Fullard, George 'Mother and Child' 1956 Norfolk Street; Upper Chapel S1 bronze (cast in 1985)
Fullard, George 'Running Woman' 1957 Norfolk Street; Upper Chapel S1 bronze (cast in 1985)
not known John & Charles Wesley [see photo] *** 1908 Norfolk Street; Victoria Hall S1 stone
Webster, J.D. (architect for building) artist/writer? [see photo] and sculptor [see photo] *** 1894 Norfolk Street/ Surrey Street; Bainbridge Building (now The Halifax) S1 stone
not known David Daniel Davis plaque *** not known Paradise Square S1 stone
Tory, Alfred Wesley plaque *** 1951 (made in 1930 - 40) Paradise Square S1 bronze
Mayne, David bollards 1993 Paternoster Row S1 iron, cast / brass
Richardson, Darren bench 1994 Paternoster Row S1 wood, cast iron
Asquith, Brian water vessels 1998 Peace Gardens S1 bronze
Heyes, Tracey fountain, water channels 1998 Peace Gardens S1 ceramic
Perry, Richard stone carving 1998 Peace Gardens S1 stone
not known carved heads not known Pond Hill; Old Queen's Head Public House S1 wood
not known kettle *** not known Pond Street; Sorting Office S1 stone
not known coat of arms and cornucopiae *** not known 20 Queen Street S1 stone
not known heads and other decorative work *** not known Queen Street and Scargill Croft; Wharncliffe House S1 stone
Tory, Alfred 'Blessed Virgin' 1904 RC Cathedral - presbytery S1 stone
Tory, Frank Jnr ? 4 heads above corner window [see photo] *** 1904 ? RC Cathedral - presbytery S1 stone
Hanson, Maria railings 1997 RC Cathedral S1 steel, mild and glass
not known not known (lilypad) [see photo] *** 1989 (removed by c. 1993) Regent Street S1 metal, painted green
Zephaniah, Benjamin 'minds', 'questions' & 'heroes' 1998 Rockingham Street; behind the Old Fire Station S1 words cut in metal plate
Donlin, Martin panels 1988 Ruskin Craft Gallery S1 glass, sandblasted
Kindersley, David and Lida Lopes Carozo entrance piece 1988 Ruskin Gallery S1 stone, slate carved/gilded
Lund, Guiseppe window grilles 1988 Ruskin Gallery S1 iron, handwrought
Kemp, David 'Heavy Plant' 1989 Science Park S1 mixed media
Judah, Gerry Human Rights Sculpture not built Sheaf Street S1 stainless steel and fibre optic candles
Carruthers, Paul untitled seats/boulders 2001 Shoreham Street S1 bronze
Asquith, Brian 'Elements - Fire - Steel' 1995 (made in 1965)

SHU, Pennine Building
(orig. Nat West Bank, High Street)

S1 steel, stainless and bronze
Dengler, Mary flooring design, Stairway 1/2 landings 1993 SHU, Atrium S1 linoleum
White, Laura 'Trilogy' 1995 SHU; Learning Centre S1 stone, limestone
King, A. /Twiss, Chris 'Concourse Gates' 1994 SHU, Linear Park S1 steel, stainless
Patten, David / Kelly, Jane 'Linear Park' 1993 - 94 SHU, Pond Street S1 mixed media
Knight, Chris grilles 1997 SHU, Stoddart Building S1 steel, galvanised
Johnson, Mike 'Silver Service' 1999 Shude Hill; Ibis Hotel S1 stainless steel
Fullard, George 'Walking Man' 2001 (made in 1957) off Surrey Street; Leader House Terrace (resited 2001).
Originally sited (1985) by entrance to Town Hall Extension, shortly to be demolished.
S1 bronze
Kilner, Celia letter carving 1995 (made in 1994) Trippet Lane/West St.; Steel City House S1 stone, Portland limestone
Hiscott, Amber glass work 1990 Town Hall; extension S1 glass, sandblasted
Ford, Onslow Duke of Norfolk 1893 ??? Town Hall; Interior S1 marble
Pomeroy, F.W. Virtues (3 reliefs on each side) 1888 Town Hall; Interior of Main Entrance S1 marble? stone?
Mountford, E.W. entrance gates 1897 Town Hall; Main entrance S1 iron, wrought
Pomeroy, F.W. 'Steam and Electricity' 1893 Town Hall; Above Main Entrance S1 stone
Pomeroy, F.W. reliefs 1890-97 Town Hall; exterior S1 stone
Raggi, Mario 'Vulcan' 1890-97 Town Hall; on top S1 bronze
Mason, Paul & Sue Tudor square artworks 1991 Tudor Square S1 mixed media
Perry, Richard Boulsover Monument 1991 Tudor Square S1 bronze on stone base
Taylor, Wendy railings 1993 University of Sheffield S1 steel, stainless
not known kangaroo not known 44 Wellington Street S1 stone
not known Tiger Works not known West Street S1 stone
not known reliefs [see photo] *** 1853 Wicker; SADACCA Building S1 stone
not known WW1 memorial plaque not known Wicker Arches S1 bronze
Blakeman, C. & M. 'Conversion of St Paul' not known Granville Road; All Saints RC School S2 not known
Heyes, Tracey 'Big Fruit' 1996 Blast Lane subway S2 ceramic tiles
Johnson, Mike gate 2001-2 Bramall Lane; student accomodation S2 metal
not known Green Man and other heads not known City Road Cemetery Entrance Arch S2 stone
not known Belgian Refugee Memorial 1921 City Road Cemetery S2 stone
Woodall, Neil 'The Sheffield Mural' 1990 Prince of Wales Road; Granada Carpark S2 steel, stainless - sandblasted/inked
Mayne, David animals 1994 Heeley City Farm S2 concrete on wire frame
Wray, Amanda and White, Johnny 'Pigasus' 1998 Heeley City Farm S2 resin and stainless steel
Burton, Mandy Living Willow Dome 1998 Heeley Millennium Park S2 living willow, tiles and misc material
Burton, Mandy & Gilbertson, Ross wavy park bench [see photo] *** 199 Heeley Millennium Park S2 stone, mosaic
Burton, Mandy 'White Horse of Heeley' 2000 Heeley Millennium Park S2 concrete, paint
Hadfield, Mathew Duke of Norfolk's coat of arms 1880 Clough Road; on exterior of tower S2 stone
Turpin, Coralie Put your best foot forward 2000 Manor recreation ground S2 carved brick
Wray, Amanda Mosaic Feet 2000 Manor recreation ground S2 cement? with mosaic surface
Kent, Simon Footprints *** 2000 Manor recreation ground S2 carved wooden planks; carved stone tiles
not known Cholera Monument 1834-35 Monument Grounds, Norfolk Road S2 stone
Thomson, Jason bench (stolen) 1995 Norfolk Park S2 wood
Brent, Gillian 'Triffids and Tendrils' 2001 Norfolk Park S2 steel
Brent, Gillian 'Around the Park' 2001 Norfolk Park S2 steel and birch plywood
Brent, Gillian Benches 2000 Norfolk Park S2 steel and oak
not known Commemorative Arch 1910 Norfolk Park S2 stone
Bermejo, Vega 'Mad Hatter' and 'Queen of Hearts' 1994 Queens Road Retail Park S2 stone, birchover gritstone
Brent, Gillian 'Sheafscape' 2003

Saxon Road

S2 painted metal
Don Cameron 'Equilibrium'

Saxon Road

S2 painted metal
James Stringer 'River of Life' 2003

Saxon Road

S2 stainless steel with panels of sheet metal
Brent, Gillian 'Queen Mary's Chair' 1998 Sheffield Manor S2 reclaimed wood/steel
Wray, Amanda 'Beheaded and Carved in Stone' 1998 Sheffield Manor S2 ceramic/ terrracotta
Thomson, Jason 'The Mighty Oak' 1998 Sheffield Manor S2 tree trunk
Turpin, Coralie Turret Room Ceiling *** 1998 Sheffield Manor (in store) S2 not known
Bermejo, Vega 'Heron and Fish' 1995 Victoria Quays S2 stone, gritstone
Rae, Ronald 'Sacred Cow' 1995 (made in 1992) Victoria Quays S2 stone, granite
Bell, Andy decorative arches 1994 Broomsprings Estate S3 steel, galv. and nylon coated
Bermejo, Vega 'Pigeons' 1991 Cornish Street S3 stone
Johnson, Mike Gates
2002 GB Posters Ltd., Russell Street S3 stainless steel
Hoole, Henry E. Vulcan and female figure 1860 Green Lane Works; Entrance arch S3 bronze, semi-reliefs
Cameron, Don and Roger Gibson 'The Life of the River' 2001 Kelham Island Industrial Museum S3 ceramic
Brent, Gillian The Melting Pot 1998 Kelham Island Industrial Museum S3 metal
not known male torso emerging from ground 2001 Bowden Housteads Woods S4 fibreglass
White, Johnny and Amanda Wray 'Biodiverse Arch' 2001 Firvale School S4 Cast concrete; mosaic and cast aluminium
Mayne, David Salmon of Steel 1998 Five Weirs Walk; entrances S4 steel
Thomson, Jason Fish knife-salmon bench 1998 Five Weirs Walk; Salmon Pastures S4 wood
Thomson, Jason Pike-tyre bench 1998 Five Weirs Walk; Salmon Pastures S4 wood
not known Salmon Pastures Schools Memorial 1998 Five Weirs Walk; Salmon Pastures S4 stone
Johnson, Mike and Carol Ann Duffy Hand In Hand (poem housed in sculpture) 2001 Five Weirs Walk; Sheldon Row S4 mild steel and bronze
White, Johnny 'Spider's Web' 1995 System Gripple, Saville St S4 steel, stainless with Gripples, wire
King, Amanda 'Made In Sheffield' 1993 The Wicker S4 steel, stainless
Campbell, Chris Firth Park Gates 1999 Firth Park Roundabout S5 painted metal
Brent, Gillian not known 2000 Hartley Brook Primary school S5 not known
Thomson, Jason 'The Old Man of the Woods' 1996 Hinde Common Wood S5 wood, sycamore
Vickers, Andrew 8 waymarkers 2001-2 Parson Cross Park S5 stone
Thomson, Jason bench *** 2001-2 Parson Cross Park S5 wood ?
Brailsford, Vic tree 1992 Roe Woods S5 wood, sycamore
Brailsford, Vic picnic tables/stools 1993 Roe Woods S5 wood, beech
Brent, Gillian Blake Street Nature Arch 1998 Blake Street Nature Park S6 steel, welded
Thomson, Jason bench *** 199? Blake Street Nature Park S6 wood
Thomson, Jason Totem pole 1995 Foxhill Park S6 wood
Thomson, Jason Foxhill Park Signboard 1998/9 ? Foxhill Park S6 wood
Cooper, J.W. 'Medical Science' & 'Literature' 1876 Highfield Library S6 stone
Chantrey, Francis 'Hope and Charity' 1793-97 Sheffield Royal Infirmary, Heritage House, Infirmary Road. S6 stone
Vickers, Andrew Head [see photo] 2000 -2001 ? Loxley Road (Lea Bank Nurseries) S6 stone
I. Ollerenshaw Memorial for Victims of Sheffield Flood after 1864 Malin Bridge; St Polycarps Church S6 marble
not known abstract relief 1950's- 60's ?? Loxley Centre, Myers Grove Lane S6 concrete with mirrored glass, stainless steel and granite chippings
Carruthers, Paul handrail/ bench/ street lights 1996 Penistone Road S6 steel, stainless
Brailsford, Vic 'Cutlery' 1998 Penistone Road; traffic island S6 stone
Gilbertson, Ross Comfy Concrete Sofa 1998 Philadelphia Open Space, Upperthorpe S6 concrete cast from clay models
Burton, Mandy & Gilbertson, Ross Entrance pillars 1999 The Ponderosa S6 wood and metal
not known memorial (Grade II listed) not known Rivelin Valley Road; St Michael's Cemetery S6 stone
not known Walsh memorial (Grade II listed) not known Rivelin Glen Cemetery S6 stone
Vickers, Andrew Memorial Stones for the Sheffield Flood [see photo] 2000 ? Rowell Lane on grass verge. S6 stone
Cooper, J.W. Sheffield factory girl & Sheffield workman 1876 Upperthorpe Library S6 stone
Widdowson, Robin gate 1995 Upperthorpe Peace Garden S6
Daniel Hill School, pupils of untitled mosaic 1995 Upperthorpe Peace Garden S6 ceramic tile
Brent, Gillian bench - destroyed 1999 Upperthorpe Peace Garden S6 wood and metal
Thomson, Jason Totem pole 1999 Adventure Playground, off Sitwell Road S7 wood
Brent, Gillian Mount Pleasant Park screen/ sign 2000 Mount Pleasant Park facing London Road S7 steel
Kent, Simon 'Fingers' 1999 Sharrow Nursery and Infants school S7 wood
Wray, Amanda 'Snainx' 1998 Sharrow Nursery and Infants School, Sitwell Road S7
Heyes, Tracey Charron Car Glass Panel 1997 Archer Road; Sainsbury's S8 copper fused on glass
Bermejo, Vega Duck/Fish and Dog/Butterfly Bench 1989 Graves Park S8 wood
Cooper, Ian 'Vulcan' 1989 Graves Park S8 wood, beech stump
Haygarth, David 'Multiple Negative' 1994 Graves Park S8 wood, cut and charred
Haygarth, David 'Timber Lens' 1994 Graves Park S8 wood, found timber
Marshall, Wendy 'Poggy Bench' 1989 Graves Park S8 wood, concrete
Mountain, Peter welcome sign 1989 Graves Park S8 wood
Appleby, Claire horse 1989 Graves Park S8 steel
Powell, Rod 'The Green Man' 1989 Graves Park S8 wood, oak stump
Beránek, Jirí 'Shelter' 1996 Graves Park S8 wood
Turpin, Coralie Giraffe Basketball c. 2000 Graves Park S8 painted steel
Johnson, Mike 'Heeley Sidings' 1998 Heeley Retail Park S8 bronze and stainless steel
not known relief murals *** before 1955 Jordanthorpe School S8 stone
not known Memorial to ... Goodfellows 1891 Meersbrook Park S8 stone
Campbell, Chris plaques 1998/9? Meadowhead; Safeways Supermarket S8 brass/ bronze?
Landscape/ Planning Dept Archway/sculpted forms *** 1993 Darnall Park S9 steel, stainless and concrete
Taylor, Wendy Sundial 1991 Don Valley S9 steel, stainless
Cartmel, Hilary 'Marathon Gates' 1990 Don Valley Stadium S9 steel, stainless
Bell, Robin 'Steelworkers' 1991 Meadowhall S9 bronze
Haselden, Ron 'Red River' 1992 Meadowhall - cinemas S9 neon lighting
Bermejo, Vega 'Marble Players' 1992 Meadowhall Retail Park S9 stone
Rae, Ronald cow *** (no longer sited) 1995 Nunnery Square S9 stone, granite
Nash, David 'Eye of the Needle' and 'Sweeping Birches' 1992 River Don S9 wood, birch - trained
King, Amanda gates 1994 Shirland Lane; Yorkshire Cable S9 steel, stainless (ptd. black/gold)
not known St Luke's Bull *** after 1965 Blackbrook Road; St Luke's Church, Lodge Moor S10 ? fibreglass
not known Ebenezer Elliott Rock *** not known Blackbrook Wood S10 stone
Lane, Henry (sculptor) 'The Spirit of Crimea' 1863 Botanical Gardens S10 stone, (orig. on a marble column)
not known Peter Pan /'The Spirit of the Woods' 1953 (made by 1934) Botanical Gardens S10 bronze
Berlie Doherty, Coralie Turpin and others The Riddle Trail 1999-2005 Botanical Gardens S10 stone
not known Peter Pan /'The Spirit of the Woods' 1953 (made by 1934) Botanical Gardens S10 bronze
not known female head *** not known Broomhill; 1 Ashgate Road S10 stone
not known Fox and Duck (relief) *** 1929-30 Broomhill; public house, Fulwood Road, S10 ceramic
not known crowned heads *** not known Broomhill; HSBC Bank, Glossop Road S10 stone
Pye, William 'Double Somersault' 1976 Childrens Hospital S10 steel, stainless
Turpin, Coralie 'River Garden' 1998 Childrens Hospital S10 mixed
not known reliefs over doorway arch [see photo] *** 1881? Childrens Hospital S10 stone
Thomson, Jason bench 1996 Crookes Valley Park S10 wood
Mayne, David fence 1996 Crookes Valley Park S10 steel, painted mild
not known Memorial to Dr Ernest *** 1841 (after) Hallamshire Hospital S10 stone
Widdowson, Robin archway and notice board 1998 Millennium Green, Walkley S10 steel, painted mild
Armitage, A.P. not known 1963 University of Sheffield, Western Bank (no longer in situ) S10 steel, stainless
MacDonald, Brian untitled 1972 Western Bank Hospital S10 steel, stainless & motors
Mr Phyffers plaque - Saint Cecilia 1865 65 Westbourne Road S10 stone?
Webster, J.D. (designed by) Boer War Memorial, Yorks & Lancs Regiment 1905 Weston Park S10 bronze
Burnard, N.N. Memorial to Ebenezer Elliott 1830 - 40 Weston Park S10 bronze
Jahn, Francis Liberty WW1/2 Memorial Yorks & Lancs Regt. 1923 Weston Park S10 bronze, stone
Morewood, G.N. Tommy WW1/2 Memorial Yorks & Lancs Regt. 1923 Weston Park S10 bronze
Smith, Roy Officer WW1/2 Memorial Yorks & Lancs Regt. 1923 Weston Park S10 bronze
Sykes, Godfrey & Gamble, James Sykes Memorial Column 1875 Weston Park S10 terracotta, stone, bronze
Gibbs, E.M. Gates stolen in 1995 1871 Weston Park S10 iron, wrought gates
Sykes, Godfrey & Gamble, James Gates 1873 - 79 Weston Park S10 terracotta
Tory, Frank reliefs 1886 Weston Park, City Museum S10 stone
Thomson, Jason 'The Beasts of Brincliffe' 1999 Brincliffe Park, Sheffield S11 wood
Johnson, Mike 'Dormer Sculpture' 2000 Cemetery Road; Greens Health & Fitness centre. S11 steel
Ritchie, Walter 'Jolly Buffer' c. 1980 Ecclesall Road ; The Jolly Buffer S11 brick
Johnson, Mike railings 2001 - 2 Ecclesall Road (not yet installed) S11
Turner, Alfred 'Queen Victoria' 1904 (c) Endcliffe Park S11 bronze
Kemplen, Tony SK 329858 not sited yet Endcliffe Park S11 bronze
Thomson, Jason 'A Feeled Guide to Amphibians' 1997 Endcliffe Park S11 wood
not known Endcliffe Park Commemoration Stone 1887 Endcliffe Park S11 sandstone
Flockton/Gibbs Jubilee Monument 1887 Endcliffe Park (orig Fargate) S11 stone, cast iron
Holland, Brian 'Sun and Moon' 1992 General Cemetery S11 ceramic and concrete
Peacock, Percy 'Table and Chairs' 1992 General Cemetery S11 furniture & misc media
Johnson, Mike 'Bow Works Gates' 1993 Norwich Union, Pomona Street S11 steel, stainless and bronze, rough cast
not known relief head not known 159-161 Oakbrook Road S11 stone
Turpin, Coralie Gargoyles 2000 Sharrow Nursery and Infants school S11 terracotta
not known

Memorial toThomas Boulsover

1926-27 ? Wire Mill Dam, Whitely Woods S11 stone
not known Gleadless war memorial not known Hollinsend Road S12 stone;
Cartmel, Hilary 'Ecology Gateway' 1997 Soap House Lane S13 painted metal
Thomson, Jason Birley No. 3 Engine 1998 Transpennine Trail, Woodhouse S13 wood
not known Jeffcock Memorial Drinking Fountain and Horse Trough not known Handsworth Road S13 stone: granite and sandstone
Hardwick, Philip 'Chantrey Memorial' 1854 Norton Church Road S14 granite
Sheffield School of Art Norton War Memorial not known Norton Church Road S14 granite
not known Memorial to Annie Hall 1905 Norton Church Road S14 granite
not known mosaic mural not known Abbeydale Road South, Sorting Office S17 mosaic (war memorial)
not known Memorial to Thomas Wiley 1853 Almshouses, Abbeydale Road South S17 stone
not known angel blowing a trumpet not known Totley Brook Road; Ellen Carter Almshouses S17 stone
Thomson, Jason 'Leafman' 1998 Totley Primary, Sunnyvale Road S17 wood
not known 3 square, stone reliefs 1951 Totley Primary, Sunnyvale Road S17 stone
Turpin, Coralie 'Reach For The Stars' 1998 Totley School, Sunnyvale Road S17 brick
not known war memorial c. 1920 Vicarage Road, Dore S19 stone
not known Relief 1960's Beighton Primary School, School Road S19 concrete
Johnson, Mike 'Pinnacle Seats' 2004 Crystal Peaks S19 sandstone and stainless steel
Lyons, Mike 'Pinnacle' 1989 Crystal Peaks S19 steel, stainless
Pytel, Walenty 'Drakes Descending' 1998 Crystal Peaks Retail Park S19 bronze
Vickers, Andrew My Life, My Love, My Children [see photo] 2000 Dungworth S30 stone
Vickers, Andrew Horse's Head [see photo] 2000 Dungworth S30 stone
not known Jeffcock Memorial Fountain 1903 Ecclesfield Park S30 granite and sandstone
Thomson, Jason Carved Wooden Bench 1996 Ecclesfield Park S30 wood
Brailsford, Vic 'Stone Shrubs' 1994 Glen Howe Park S30 stone
Brailsford, Vic fence 1992 Glen Howe Park S30 wood, sycamore & beech
Brailsford, Vic 'Citadels & Coronets' 1994-95 Glen Howe Park S30 wood, beech
Brailsford, Vic Curtain 2001 Glen Howe Park S30 metal
Brailsford, Vic untitled (bird) 2000 Glen Howe Park S30 Derbyshire gritstone
Vickers, Andrew Face the Future 2000 Millennium Gardens Oughtibridge S30 stone
Vickers, Andrew not known [see photo] *** not known Lea Bank Nurseries, Loxley Road S30 stone
Bell, Andy 'Heron Gateway' 1992 Blackburn Meadows S61 wire, plastic coated
White, Johnny / Wray, Amanda 'Damselfly and Dragonfly' 1996 Blackburn Meadows S61 steel, stainless and reconstituted marble

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